Types of perms, rollers and bobbins

In general, the curling process consists of the following actions.

Wrapping on bobbins (curlers)

The hair is wound on bobbins - sticks 7-8 cm in length, made of wood or plastic, thin in the middle and widened at the ends. They come in different sizes, from 3 to 11 mm in diameter. Thin bobbins are taken for thin and short hair, which usually grow on the neck.

Thick bobbins use hair on the temples and at the top of the head.

Hair thick, strong, tough require large diameter bobbins, which they wind on thin strands. Thin hair as well, with thin strands, is wound on small bobbin. Moreover, thin hair is divided into strands in zigzag-like apertures in a staggered order.

Remember that you should carefully twist the ends of the strands, but they themselves on the bobbins are not tightly wound. It is necessary to take into account the direction of natural hair growth, they can break down at the root. The form of the haircut is emphasized by screwing the hair on different bobbins.

Application of an antioxidant

Short hair requires 40-50 ml of liquid curling agent. Concentration of it for thin hair depends on whether they are hard, unyielding or obedient and easily take shape. The composition is applied to the hair before and after curling.

One of three methods of applying the solution is used: direct, indirect or mixed. When straight, the hair is first wetted with the composition, then wound onto the bobbin. After this, the composition is applied two more times.

With an indirect method of curling wet hair is treated with the drug during the winding on the bobbin and at its end. This method is used for short and medium length hair. If it is more than 20 cm, a mixed method is used. The composition first wet only the ends of the hair, and the rest of the length they are moistened after winding on the bobbin.

An indirect method of perming is preferred, since wet hair absorbs the wax solution faster, and their structure is less damaged.
The chemical is applied to the hair quickly and evenly, in several stages. First, it is applied in small amounts, then it increases. For a good curl it is necessary to soak the whole mass of hair with a curling composition.
Then the head is insulated. Time is being marked. On normal hair, the composition is held for 20-40 minutes. After 20 minutes, control the degree of curl, untwisting curlers in 3-4 places. It takes into account the fact that at the back of the head curls are formed worse. An elastic, moist curl is a sign of a successful wave. A weak curl will not last long. The wrong curl, which is obtained by uneven stretching of hair on the bobbin, is practically incorrigible. In this case, only the haircut will help.

The next stage is the thorough flushing of the composition from the hair, without removing the bobbin, flowing warm water for 5-7 minutes.

Immediately afterwards, a fixer is applied to the hair, on which the resistance of the curl depends, is the hydroperite dissolved in warm water with a shampoo. It is applied in two stages.

After the first impregnation, the fixative is kept on the head for 5-10 minutes. Then, extremely carefully remove the curlers and apply the remaining fixing solution also for 5-7 minutes.

After repeated fixation, the hair is washed with warm water without shampoo, rinsed with an alkaline neutralizer. It can be a solution of acetic or citric acid. Next, the hair is dried with a towel and treated with a medicinal preparation in order to strengthen the outer layer of hair scales. In conclusion, apply a conditioner.

Spinning on knitting needles and studs

Curl on knitting needles and hairpins are done on the hair up to the shoulders. The spokes come in different configurations, they are made of plastic.

To fix the spokes, a bob with an elastic band and paper for the ends of the hair are used. Curling is carried out according to the following technology.

The hair is separated by horizontal partitions, so that the stripes appear as if. They, in turn, should be divided into small squares. A string is wound on a spoke or wound into a pin and screwed onto it. The ends of the locks are fixed with a bobbin, or an elastic band, or a clamp and are laid with paper. You can twist the string into a flagellum.

On the wound hair is applied a chemical preparation. Then they act, as with a usual chemical wave.

Curling with pigtails

With this method, the strands are corrugated. As with the above method, first the washed hair is combed and horizontal and vertical punches are made to obtain squares. Strands in each square are braided. By the thickness of the strands can be any.

Next, the hair is wetted with chemical composition. The ends of pigtails are laid out by pieces of paper and wound in a spiral on the bobbin. The second time is applied the chemical composition and perform all other operations.

Method of partial perm of hair

Partial curl is performed to give the hair a supporting volume. She emphasizes the style of haircuts. For partial curling, flexible bobbins or plastic curlers are used.

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