Whats the difference between organic and conventional shampoo

Organic cosmetics are becoming more and more popular among girls all over the world. So, it is safe for the environment, gives the result for a long time, and contains natural ingredients. What distinguishes organic from conventional shampoo.

Organic shampoo. Certainly, over the past few years, you often heard that phrase, after all, organic cosmetics are every day becoming more and more popular, and different brands from all the pages talking about the dangers of SLS and SLeS, calling to choose softer foods. Preferably, organic. However, it is worth noting that not all understand in what difference normal shampoo to organic, and how this difference should (or should not) affect the hair. 


Many cosmetics manufacturers put on the package a sign of "eco" and trying to convince consumers that their products are natural and organic. Although in reality, this is not always the case. And to understand what was happening, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition. 

Generally speaking, the main difference regular shampoo from organic analogue — in raw materials. In particular, in natural raw materials. So, for the manufacture of organic shampoo should be composed of 95% of ingredients of natural, organic origin. In the production of conventional shampoos no such rules, and often on the label emphasize on certain natural ingredients, which composition can be less than 1%. So before buying you should always look at the label and in particular on the composition.

Most organic shampoos don't contain SLS and SLeS, instead using more mild surfactants that provide gentle and very delicate cleansing. However, there are organic and SLS. And this is not myth. So, organic SLS is used in organic shampoos deep cleaning, or shampoo that prepares the hair for coloring. In other words, in the media, when hair needs to clean up (for example, before a deep nourishing procedure), then the organic brands put in their shampoos SLS. Of course, in this case it is made of high quality natural base and does not harm the environment. Also, it is worth mentioning that such shampoos are not designed for frequent, and even more so, daily use. 

SLS can be found in the organic matter only in special shampoos, when to wash your hair "squeaky"

For consistency, organic shampoos are more liquid, as they are not actually used thickeners, they are — transparent, glossy sheen and are not strong, as a rule, no distinct smell. Of course, such products are bad effect, since their structure — soft cleaning agents. Therefore, the lack of fluffy foam is a normal phenomenon, and in spite of that, shampoo is wash out the head. Just stick it on your head for a minute.

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