What you need to know about cleansing dry hair

Dry hair, which leaves much to be desired, looks depressing. They are brittle, with pointed ends, stick out in all directions, like dried grass. To bring them to a normal state is worth the time.

The main thing in caring for problem hair, however, as in all, what you want to achieve results - patience. First of all, learn how to wash your head properly.

Dry hair in summer wash about once every 10 days, and in winter - after 2 weeks.

In excessively dry hair before washing rub the warmed up on a water bath vegetable oil - olive, corn, sunflower.

Buy an SLS-Free shampoo and conditioner, specially designed for dry hair.

For shine and smoothness of hair, use deep conditioning, that is, preparations that combine natural and artificial components (proteins, polymers, etc.). They fill the damaged sections of the hair shafts, creating a smooth coating and returning the hair to shine. They should be applied before washing: rub with fingertips in the hair, leaving for a few minutes to be absorbed.

Do for the hair and scalp mask from rye bread. Mukish must be soaked in warm water so that the mass has a consistency of sour cream. However, this tool is suitable for other types of hair.

It is useful to wash dry hair with egg yolk, which is beaten with 1 tablespoon of water. With this compound, wash your head for 3-5 minutes, while massaging the scalp.

Wipe your hair gently with blotting movements. Remember that brittle hair with strong friction is even more deformed.

Rinse dry hair after washing with sage, psyllium, dandelion (each separately or in collection). This will eliminate the splitting of the ends.

And to avoid dry hair in the summer, when they are adversely affected by direct sunlight, wear a hat or use special sunscreen.

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