What you need to do to have long and healthy hair

Long hair is a real gift of nature. And, to be more precise, it is not a gift but a result of hard work. What would have to give to have long hair — read our material. 

Nature gives someone thick and beautiful hair, and someone not very. However, in the course of growing up, girls often change their image, dyed hair, doing different procedures and hair, which were naturally strong, becomes dull and weak. And such, unfortunately, most. But the dream to grow hair, does not leave many. To make this wish come true, you must follow simple rules. 

Put the Hairdryer away

Ideally, if you want to grow long hair, you need to refuse from heat styling. Of course, as practice shows, completely switch to natural drying of the hair manages very few people, because the hair looks significantly better, and in the morning there is not always time to wait until hair dry naturally. Therefore, your goal is to reduce the number of dryers. Maybe go to the drying mode through the day, or at least allow the hair to dry naturally on the weekends. 

This desire for flat iron and Curling iron. The thing is that in order to grow and look beautiful, the hair should not be split, as often happens from the use of hot styling tools. 

If you use a Hairdryer or hair iron, required to apply to the hair thermal protection. Moreover, in the process of sprouting, this means do not save: it is best to choose a product from the professional lines for care. 

Stop the experiments

Next, you need to determine the color of hair and try not to change it. Yes, good dyes do not damage hair and keep them in a tidy way, but if you constantly change hair color, this statement does not work. Choose your way for a while, you like 100 and don't change it. 

In the process of sprouting hair, try to dye your hair dye without ammonia, choosing decent products. If you don't follow this rule, hair will become drier and drier and you will not be able to grow normal length. 

Forget about diet 

The classic diet — the real enemy of hair. The "classic diet" refers to a low-calorie food options, with the rejection of a particular group of products. Always remember, hair is not like a diet and the first react negatively to the fact that you do not get all necessary elements. 

Make sure the diet contains fish, meat. dairy products and dark bread. Also, you cannot limit the number of vegetables and fruits. Try to find a balance and build for themselves the right nutrition that one side will give you a beautiful figure (if not as fast as rapid methods), and the other will be beneficial for the skin and hair. 

If you need to lose weight, and you decided to sit on a diet, you get enough complex vitamin to "feed" your hair. Food and drink only those foods that are allowed under the diet.

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