What to do with grown hair roots: 4 lifehacks

The roots, especially when the staining procedure is a lot of time, often ruining lives. What do you do to hide the color of the roots for a few days, understood edition Chochua.

The decision to dye your hair, of course, makes the image more vivid, but adds to the responsibilities in the matter of hair care. In particular, this — procedure, recovery, and monthly color correction. However, in the modern rhythm, often there are situations when simply touch up the roots once, and Willy-nilly have to go with regrown roots. To hide them, use one of the easy ways.


Ordinary cream shadow can be a helper in the matter of disguise roots. Of course, this method will suit you only in case if the color of your hair matches the color of shadows. And to match that he could only have brunettes and brown hair.

Nothing complicated in applying this method is not: just apply the shade to dry, clean hair with your fingers or a brush, painting the area with a different color. Shadows caused in this way will last until the next wash. 

By the way, for the same purpose, suitable, and tools for eyebrows. And if you overdo the amount — just comb the hair and the excess is removed. 


In the world of professional cosmetics, there are facilities that are able to adjust the color. They are, as a spray, and mascara. You can choose the option that you like more. 

Method of applying as simple as possible: just spray or apply mascara at the roots, and allow the medium to dry. A definite plus of this method of correction is that these tools are not afraid of the rain, moisture, does not stick to hands and clothes.


Another method to hide regrown roots is a volume of hairstyle and styling. Strong basal volume smooths out the color difference between roots and length of hair: that's why at curly by nature girls the process of regrowth of hair occurs more gently. So, apply at the roots a bit, make styling. It can be voluminous tail, shell, spit or just curls. In order to maintain or add volume throughout the day, use dry shampoo.


This rapid method of staining would be appropriate, when a full procedure and need to look at 100. Choose a balm that suits your hair color. Next, apply it on the roots and a little spread throughout the length of the hair looked smooth. Remember, hair needs to be clean. 

Soak 15 minutes and rinse. Due to the liquid texture of the balm, it can be applied as a mask without using a brush. After I washed the balm under running water — do styling. This procedure will delay the time of painting them in 1.5-2 weeks (if you wash the hair at least every other day).

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