What shampoo to choose

Healthy and beautiful hair is shiny hair that looks beautiful on the shoulders and have a large volume. They're so thick and dense that they are not only on your head, but on the comb, seat, cat, coat, boyfriend and many more where. Then this really nice hair. However, not everyone can boast such a hair, so in the course are all sorts of masks for hair and various hair products. 

What is the shampoo for volume and thickness of hair to choose?

It is important to understand that the shampoo for hair volume can only be for some time to increase the visible volume to the hair — structure, or the condition of the hair it can not affect. In addition, even the best shampoo for hair volume will not create the miracle: it can, high, sposito hair until the next shampooing. But this cosmetic effect can not many shampoos for hair volume. 

Not to be unfounded, we have gathered for you the best shampoo for hair volume, which for some time will allow to achieve the desired volume. 

Let's first understand why our hair may not be as thick and voluminous, and that in our body is responsible for it.

The natural condition of the hair. From that basis that nature has given us nowhere to go. Especially if your hair was always flat and smooth. By the way, the good news is, it is "hard" and, by and large, are very strong and healthy. Simply gravity pulls towards the floor. Insufficient hair care. If you have always been healthy and voluminous hair, and then they suddenly become lifeless and dry, you should think about changing care and eating habits. The problem may be. Wrong hair styling. Unsuitable hair products lead to loss of volume and Shine in hair. The volume disappears when the incorrect and excessive use of packing and fixing cosmetics. Negative environmental situation. The quality of the food and water we consume are one of the decisive reasons for the condition of the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to closely relates to food products and to take vitamins, if you live in the "bad" city. 

How to return the hair a healthy look?

Undoubtedly, when it comes to the once-healthy hair, you should apply skincare and feed them new vitality. This will help a variety of masks for the hair, as purchased, and homemade. And shampoos for the hair, of course. But it is important to remember that even the best and a good shampoo for volume and hair density can not cope with the problem alone — shampoo for hair volume can affect from the beauty, but not on the structure of the hair. 

A classic and very effective mask for all hair types, origin can be considered as the egg hair mask. However, if you have the opportunity to go to the store and buy some cosmetic products — it is better to do so. 
To prepare the mask will need egg yolks — 2 or 3 pieces, which should be whipped until a thick and dense foam. Ready egg mask to spread on the hair, thoroughly rubbing the mixture into the roots. Aged the mask of eggs for about 20-30 minutes, then up, wash and do the usual styling.
As we have said, the shampoo plays an important but subordinate role. He is able to give the hair a good appearance until the next hair wash. But sometimes this "treatment" is more than enough.

It is important to understand that when it comes to choosing a shampoo for volume and hair density, you should pay attention to its components. So, if the shampoo has one of these ingredients, we can safely say that at least once, but the hair he will "raise". 

Good shampoo for hair volume should not be composed of heavy sulfates and silicones are inherently bad washed with water and remain on the hair is a kind of film, but considerably reduce the production shampoo. 

In shampoo for hair volume can be ingredients such as: 
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • natural ingredients: sage, figs, coffee;
  • keratin and protein complexes;
  • citric acid;
  • propylene glycol. 
Also, it is important to understand that to choose the best shampoo for volume and hair thickness that you need based on the type of your hair for oily hair, fine or curly and hair with dandruff. Then shampoo will be effective.

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