What is collagen

We know a lot about diets and nutrition, about the benefits of hyaluronic acid and retinol, do not forget about the dangers of ultraviolet radiation and regularly apply it on the face cream with SPF-factor, but a clear answer, what is collagen and what is its benefits for the skin, you may not know. Below we will tell you about this life-essential substance for the body and beauty of the skin.

Collagen and its benefits for the skin

Collagen – a special adhesive protein that forms the basis of connective tissue of all our organs. Collagen is 30% of body protein and 70% protein of the skin. It is part of our muscles, joints, ligaments, bones. Big role collagen plays in our skin, as is present in the deeper layers and along with elastin it creates a "frame". It is thanks to this protein, our skin looks supple and toned.

The collagen produced by the body naturally. Usually up to 25 years of problems with collagen does not occur, however, when this age limit, production in the right amount of collagen is significantly reduced, collagen bundles lose their integrity and ability to return to original shape.

The first signal that the collagen production is disrupted, demonicheskih is the appearance of wrinkles. After age 40, the collagen synthesis is generally reduced by 1-3% a year, so at this age, the presence in cosmetics and food supplements this ingredient is a must.

The replenishment of collagen in the body

There are two methods to close and prevent the lack of collagen in the skin cells.

First, you need to use various cosmetic products containing collagen: creams, serums, masks. It is established that collagen synthesis occurs during the first hours of nighttime sleep, so it is desirable that this element was part of the funds pertaining to your evening care.

Cosmetics based on collagen intensively moisturizing, skin regeneration, smoothing and alignment of its relief, improving elasticity and firmness, and these funds have a matting effect, reduces the visibility of spider veins and tighten pores.

In the production of various creams and masks based on collagen particularly successful Chinese cosmetic company that produce a very wide range of collagen cosmetics. See such brands as Vilenta, Dizao, Imeten, TianDe, also a good selection of products containing collagen, have European brands Beauty Style and Beauty Med.

Generally Asian manufacturers are producing collagen mask in a sachet, which is very convenient, because for one portion of the mask the price is very low and there is a possibility to try different options. For example, the mask for face and neck placenta-collagen with biogold from TianDe, collagen under eye mask from Having, collagen mask for face and neck with ginseng extract from TianDe, collagen mask "swallow's nest" from Dazio.

In addition to cosmetics, you can replenish vital collagen from the inside. There are various natural complexes and nutritional supplements based on collagen, which is necessary to take the course. It can be drinks, jelly, tablets, beauty, etc., Such tools are usually easy to digest and quite effective, because beauty starts from the inside.

There are enough similar collagen complexes, for example, drink Suage Collagen Beauty Drink (450 UAH), MEIJI Amino Collagen, tablets MEIJI Amino Collagen Beauty Tablet, jelly C SKIN Japan Collagen Jelly.

These funds usually take the daily rate for 1-2 months and after 2-3 weeks you can see the first improvements on the skin of the face and neck: she becomes more elastic, toned, moisturized, aging processes significantly slow down.

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