What can hurt hair roots

According to statistics, every fifth woman periodically get the hair roots. The cause of this pain can hide not only a lack of vitamins, but other factors. Let us examine the issue in more detail.

Causes pain in hair roots

Tight hair 

Strapped tight ponytail or bun on top very often cause pain the roots of the hair. This is due to the fact that the hair in tightened condition cause damage to the scalp, forming small fissures and micro-fractures.

It is therefore recommended, braiding hair, do not pull them very much, but the braids and tails to do every day, to the hair and scalp periodically received "rest."

Improper means of hair care

There are times when the pain is a reaction of the scalp on the wrong balm or shampoo. In addition, poor quality comb made of plastic can lead to pain. It electrifies the hair, which in turn causes pain in the roots.

Dry scalp

Scalp due to dryness is contracted, the pain at the roots stronger. In such cases, you must use special shampoos and conditioners (mask) to nourish hair and scalp.

Problems with the circulation of the scalp

If you have vascular disease (especially of vegetative-vascular dystonia), then as a consequence it may appear pain at the roots of the hair. 

Problems with circulation can also be caused by hypothermia. Low temperature violates krovotok to hair follicles, so in the winter be sure to wear a hat.

Change of hairstyle

If you decide to change the usual hairstyle, for example, did the parting to the other side, trimmed the bangs, put your hair as usual, you may experience pain in the hair roots. Hair get used to a certain slope and is very sensitive to changes.


Nerves and stress can also cause pain in this area. To cope with the problem will help to massage his head.


  1. Correctly select the skincare products (shampoo, conditioner, mask) corresponding to the type of your hair and scalp;
  2. Buy quality comb (preferably wooden);
  3. Take vitamins and mineral supplements for hair;
  4. Do not braid the hair blond hair into a tight ponytail or braid, and use a soft scrunchie.
  5. As often as you can dissolve hair (especially at night);
  6. Don't change often hairstyle;
  7. Periodically do a relaxing head massage;
  8. Relax and dont be nervous.

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