Unusual use of usual cosmetics,4 hair lifehacks

Lately beauty brands release more and more funds that can be safely called universal. So, the formula is perfectly used for lips and cheeks. Exactly the same story and with the cream blush. As a highlighter you can use white eyeshadow (shimmer, and without it), and a black pencil perfect in the role of lipstick. If you think about it, the effects of certain drugs in your toiletry bag it is possible to expand.

Brow gel

Ordinary brow gel can be a good assistant for hair that during the day behind hairstyles (or hair, which was disheveled from the wind or outerwear). So, just run the brush through the area where the hair is loosened, and after a few minutes they will be back to normal.

A definite plus of this method is that you don't need to carry additional tools, and the brow gel is placed even in the smallest clutch.


Normal eyeshadow will help girls who have a bit of gray hair, and dyeing is still need to endure a few days. So, they can grey hairs. Especially great in this issue work cream shadow. Just apply them on the gray areas with a brush, let them dry, and then scour gently with fingers or comb with wide teeth.

Of course, this method works best for brunettes. 

Loose powder and oil blotting sheets

If you don't have time the morning to wash my hair, and look you need, use a loose powder as a dry shampoo. Of course, this method is suitable only for those with light hair, as dark, the powder will look like dandruff. To apply powder it is best to bend your head so all the hair was looking down.

In addition, to deal with the fat you will help oil blotting sheets. Yes, it is those that help to get rid of the ugly Shine on the face. To achieve the result they spend on the fatty areas of the head: napkin absorbs sebum, and hair will be fresh again. 

Lip balm

Lip balm can replace oil for hair. This tool will be important for owners of dry hair, which can start to misbehave right in the middle of the day: and instead laid curls in the mirror will appear sticking out the ends. To smooth and give a nice view, you can use a hygienic lip balm: put a little bit on the ends and wash out the desired area of hair. 

Also this way you can enliven a slightly tired tresses, "breathing" into them the second life.

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