All types of shampoos

The most important procedure, known since ancient times, hair washing. Gone are the days when they were washing with ash and soap. For hair care have been invented and are constantly released, improving, developing special detergents – shampoos. Soap for hair wash is not recommended, because it covers the hair film consisting of insoluble salts of calcium and magnesium and makes it look not as shiny and fluffy as when using shampoo.

Shampoos unlike Soaps do not bring harm to the hair, as it does not contain alkalis. These are made from high-quality special ingredients that are perfectly washed hair in any water, add to them Shine and elasticity. After applying the shampoo the hair is well combed and styled. In shampoos used saponin extracted from the roots and bark of plants, which foams well when in contact with water. Every shampoo includes cleansers, preservatives, biologically active components.

In shampoos add substances against excessive fat hair, oil, nourishes dry hair, anti-dandruff additives, destroying various bacilli and fungi that appear due to dandruff. Available and a special revitalizing shampoo for damaged hair with supplements with healing properties, which in their composition are injected extracts of medicinal herbs – chamomile, nettle, sage, etc. are Added to shampoos, vitamins, Pro-vitamins, proteins, ceramides, silk, etc. choose Shampoo in accordance with hair type. Shampoos are available in liquid and concentrated form, in the form of creams, gels in tubes, liquid foaming cleansers in plastic bottles.

Hair, washed with shampoo, looks soft, and when using special shampoos get great splendor, volume.

Head wash as often as she required. The hair just needs to be kept clean. There are special shampoos for daily use. When the hand is not the shampoo of the type is required (for oily or dry hair), wash them with a shampoo for normal hair.

From the variety of shampoos you can recommend, for example, "Pantene Pro V", is suitable for frequent use. It contains soft supplements, B1 vitamin, the beneficial effect on the structure of the hair, giving them softness and Shine. It is called a double-acting shampoo, as it contains more and rinse. After shampooing hair it is recommended to always rinse.

Silky Shine gives hair "Knauf" ("Bye"). This conditioner with protein restores the activity of the hair and strengthens them to the tips. It belongs to the latest generation of means on care of hair. Regular use has beneficial effects on hair, especially dyed or subjected to chemical perms. It makes hair soft and protects them from environmental influences. After rinsing hair "Shaomai" the hair easy to comb.

If there is a special mouthwash that is used for this purpose acidified water: a weak solution of vinegar, citric acid. Firming and toning action has a solution of nettle, chamomile, horse chestnut fruit. With regular use of these infusions hair grow well and look shiny, beautiful.

For daily cleaning of hair you can use shampoos of a series of "Ultra Doo", developed in "laboratories Garnier Paris". The formula of shampoo allows you to maintain the natural balance of the skin and hair. These mild shampoos, giving hair softness, volume and a natural Shine, developed on the basis of plant extracts, high-quality and economical.

Shampoo with natural extract of Linden "Ultra Doo" designed for normal hair. It revitalizes hair and gives it vitality, Shine, silkiness, healthy, well-groomed appearance. Hair, washed with shampoo with extract of Linden, a well-styled, its volume increases.

Shampoos for oily hair series "Ultra du" include the extract of white nettle, which strengthens the hair, gives them softness, natural Shine, volume and normalizes sebum secretion.

Shampoo for fragile hair with sweet almond milk gives hair vitality, a positive effect on hair structure, acting firming, gives volume, elasticity, increases volume of hair.

Shampoo for hair contains extracts of chamomile, medicinal properties which have long been used to strengthen the hair, making them fluffy, silky and whitening effect.

Shampoo with natural kiwi extract, it is a double shampoo, which is the same as in "Pantin Pro VI", in addition to detergent, rinsing, and contains more balm. Shampoo with extract of kiwi fruit is very soft and mild, allows perfectly flush and very easy to comb hair, gives hair a silky softness and natural Shine. It is designed for all hair types.

Shampoo with natural extract of apricot is designed for washing children's hair. Mild shampoo two in one – shampoo and conditioner – smells really nice, cleans well hair, does not sting the eyes, well-combed hair, get silky and shiny.

Effective anti-dandruff shampoo with natural extract of cedar eliminates hair from this disease after a few times of use. Regular use of shampoo prevents formation of dandruff, which is a tiny scales that are separated from the upper layers of the scalp, normalize the metabolic processes in the hair. Its formula, which includes the softest surface active agents, acts gently on your hair, allowing you to wash them daily.

For normal hair suitable shampoo made in France "ELS", which contains vitamins E, PP, B1, which nourish and strengthen hair, doing their elastic. There are different types of this shampoo: "Elastin" gives hair volume, provides volume and strengthens thin and fragile hair; "ELS" with jojoba oil gives hair Shine, as well as shampoo, enriched with extracts of Ginkgo biloba tree, is known for its high content of reinforcing agents.

Sell series of shampoos in Germany "Nivea". They include components that compensate for the lack of important nutrients in the hair structure. They contain natural lipids and proteins.

Mild shampoo "Pflege Shampoo" for normal hair with wheat extract nourishes the hair, penetrating deep into, making them softer and more elastic, gives the hair volume and Shine. It can be used for daily washing.

Soft shampoo for dry and brittle hair with jojoba oil containing unsaturated fatty acids and other valuable substances, nourishes dry hair, strengthening them, making a lush, healthy, shiny and silky.

Shampoo for oily hair contains a special extract of Yucca, which reduces the oiliness of the hair, forming the hair root protective ring that prevents the movement of fatty substances from the skin surface on the hair. The result normalizes fat metabolism, the hair becomes luxuriant, well-styled.

Nourishing shampoo with fruit acids shampoo domestic production with various fruit additives containing acid designed for all hair types. In vitamins And proteins, a mild, effective surfactants. A complex of vitamins, proteins and fruit acids nourishes the hair to the roots, improving hair structure. The shampoo gives the hair softness, elasticity and healthy appearance.

Wash dry and normal hair suitable shampoo manufactured in Russia Moscow joint-stock companies "April". The shampoo contains extracts of nettle, horsetail, provitamin b (panthenol), vitamin F. Biologically active extracts of nettle and horsetail extracts strengthen the metabolic processes in the skin cells, improve blood flow to the hair roots, eliminate dandruff. Vitamin F in combination with panthenol reduces hair loss, slows down graying of hair.

Shampoo gently cleanses the hair and restores vitality and flexibility, gives hair volume, returns lost Shine and silkiness.

Produced by the same firm "April" and shampoo for oily hair. In the shampoo includes herbal ingredients – extracts of burdock, hops, vitamin F, protein. Protein creates a protective layer to the root of the hair, prevents fatty substances from the skin surface on the hair. Biologically active extracts of burdock root and hop cones with vitamin F has a positive effect on skin, improve skin tone, regulate sebum secretion, stimulate hair growth. April gently cleanses the hair from varnishes and gels, increases their thickness gives splendor hair, shiny and healthy hair.

There are special nourishing shampoos for all hair types. This, for example, "IRCA" ("Sunsilk"). Ceramides contained in the shampoo "IRCA", and restore the quality of the hair, strengthening them from the inside.

Before washing your hair be sure to comb. It is best for this purpose take a soft massage brush. When combing hair freed from dust, dead skin flakes. In addition, the hair is ventilated, there is a rush of blood to the hair roots.
For washing is better to take not too hot water. The most favorable temperature of the water prepared for washing procedures, 40-55 °C. It should be soft enough. Hard water pre-soften, using for this purpose the baking soda or borax. Usually take 1 tsp. in 2 liters of water.
Moisten hair and apply the shampoo, spreading it in a circular motion over the entire head until frothy. Rinsing your hair with water, shampoo is applied again because the pollution is not washed off the first time. However, the use of shampoos "Ultra Doo" and "ELS" is enough to put the shampoo on the hair once.

Shampoos for dandruff do not wash off immediately, and leave on hair for 5 min Then washed thoroughly with water. The most well-known dandruff shampoo "head and not help, or help". There is a shampoo and a series of means on care of hair "Nivea". It contains natural birch extract and aloe Vera that protects the hair from dandruff and are beneficial to the scalp. It restores the hair lipids and proteins. Dandruff you can use shampoo "Yeast for hair" shampoo manufactured in Russia, developed on the basis of milk whey. It includes vitamins a, B1, C, E, minerals, proteins, potassium, sodium, lactose, magnesium, phosphorus, which nourish the hair, return the elasticity. It perfectly washes the hair, improves its structure, accelerate growth and destroys dandruff.

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