Types of hair

The preservation of hair, hair health problem which a person pays attention to throughout life. Hair and generally, the more beautiful and undamaged, it is important for self-perception, as well as the presence of healthy teeth, skin, stomach, etc., the problem lies in the maintenance of normal hair. Behind it many factors: General health, mood, and quality of food, and most importantly – constant good care of them.

First of all, you need to determine the type of your hair: whether they are dry, oily or normal.

Normal hair is rather thick, elastic, smooth, shiny, without split ends with a normal layer of fat cover on the outer layer.

Dry hair with reduced secretion, these are thinner than normal, brittle, brittle, brittle, prone to various atmospheric phenomena.

Oily hair – hair with excessive sebum secretion. They are overly elastic, poorly absorb water, glued together in unattractive strands with a high Shine that gives hair unkempt, repulsive appearance.

Given the characteristics of the hair used forms and means of care. But even normal hair can fall ill, become dry, brittle with sun exposure, sea or hard water, stress, disease, color, Perm, etc. However, health hair, you can return knowing what to do.

To find out what type your hair, RUB for a minute the skin of the scalp with the forefinger and then slide your finger to the piece of tissue paper. If the paper is well premyslide, so the skin oily. If it remains weak thumbprint – dry. Bold imprint on the cigarette paper suggests that the scalp is normal. This experience can be carried out only after two to three days after shampooing.

Normal hair is supple, thick and not thin. On the scalp no dandruff and itching. This means that the blood circulation in the skin is normal. Then there is a good exchange in the tissues and the sebaceous glands – excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands are not clogged and produce a fatty substance, lubricating surface layer of the skin. This is the fatty matter of the sebaceous glands protects the skin from drying out and gives it elasticity. The hair is not whipped, and they can easily put in a beautiful hairstyle, they do not stick together in the individual strands. Oily hair abundantly covered with fat, very flexible and absorbs less water than normal. They are very glittery and roll into individual strands.

Another drawback of oily hair is that excess sebum is constantly postponed on the head in the form of scales or yellow scabs and itchy. Hair in a very short time after washing become untidy. Therefore, they require very careful maintenance.

With such hair avoid wearing dresses and suits with high collars and tight. But unlike normal and dry hair easily tolerate fatty permanent Curling. Dry hair require less maintenance. They are much thinner than normal and more sensitive to the effects of weathering, chemical and cosmetic products. On the scalp often appears dry dandruff, which is when combing falls on clothes and brings a lot of unpleasant moments. Dry hair often resemble artificial because of the reduced sebum they lose their elasticity and luster, become dull and brittle, whipped at the ends. To wash a head should be less often, and be sure the shampoos that contains materials softening hair and promoting their growth. A lot of trouble delivering fine hair. 

The lack of vitamins and other unpleasant effects Deplete the protective layer of hair. If you have fine hair, do a short cut. And permanent hair waving is not always looks beautiful on them. Wash a thin hair it is recommended shampoo that contains some nutritious oil, then they will retain the natural lightness and airiness. Hair with split terminal in the form of a brush or with eyelets are the result of unskillful treatment, when the keratin layer of the hair shaft is constantly exposed to all sorts of manipulation. Often the hostesses to blame for the state of his hair. Are they being affected by numerous stress at work and at home, poor nutrition, physical and chemical damage. In a word, the trouble they take not less than the figure.

How often, for example, the reason for the insecurity is thin hair. But both want to make the hair more luxuriant! But if they're damaged?! Excision brittle ends require special attention. If the hair ends are affected throughout the mass, trouble will best help the scissors. If patients look only the individual strands, you should at least once a week to conduct healing sessions for them.

Will look like the hair depends largely on the care. Healthy and beautiful hair requires daily care, good nutrition, maintenance of General physical fitness. You need to expose your body any kind of stress and worry less. Many young women visit dermatologists because they worried about any changes in the appearance of the hair or hair loss. As a rule, damage of hair and its breaking do not occur due to some disease, but from improper handling.

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