Types of hair coloring techniques

Not all women like the hair color given them by nature. One seems that her age is black, emphasizing the shortcomings of the face, the other is not happy with the red, the third quite correctly believes that dark-blond "smears" the complexion, makes it gray, and the fourth struggles with gray hair ... Many women improve their shape with the help of repainting hair, the benefit now means for this are presented in a wide range. This procedure can be done independently or, in the case of a complex selection and combination of flow, referring to the professionals of the hairdresser. You can be offered the following types of hair coloring.

Styles of hair coloring

  • Toning. It is produced by light toning means and makes the hair color more saturated and deep. 
  • Gradual techniques, balayage, ombre and sombre hair. At the same time, the tips of the hair are lightened.
  • Coloring. The essence of coloring - in the coloring of individual strands in different colors.
  • Highlighting - lightening of individual strands.
  • Discoloration. As a result of the discoloration the coloring hair pigment is completely destroyed.
  • Full staining, when the hair color is changed radically. Due to the oxidation reaction, the natural pigment is completely replaced artificially.
Choosing the most suitable color, which emphasizes individuality, the woman, as a rule, regularly uses the means to preserve it, but this does not always benefit the hair. Listen to the recommendations of cosmetologists and professional hairdressers, and they will help you not to lose the beauty of hair in pursuit of the coveted color. Hair when dyeing is exposed to alkaline medium, which can lead to a burn of opened scales of the outer layer, and they can not lie properly. 

And this means that hair will not succumb to combing, breaking, splitting at the ends. With the wrong bleaching technology that causes hair to overdry due to the inhibition of fatty grease production by sebaceous glands in the scalp, strong alkaline compounds penetrate the hair follicles and weaken the hair shaft. As a consequence, hair loss is noted.

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