Types of hair according to the seasonal classification

You probably heard about American classification of women by the name of the seasons: the woman of Spring, the woman of Summer, the woman of Autumn, the woman of Winter. This classification includes such parameters as the features of the facial skin, eye color, natural hair color and their combination in the shape of an individual.

According to the "seasonal" classification of the woman Winter, the most common type of appearance, as a rule, has dark hair with shades from light brown to dark brown. Usually, women of the winter type have a greyish beige skin, but it is often found with a yellowish tinge. It is also noticed that in childhood, the hair of women of winter type is light, sometimes with a touch of ash. However, blondes among "winter" women are rare. Women of this type get gray early, which does not spoil them at all.

Women Summer - light blondes. The color of their hair varies from blond to dark-gray. He is such from birth, but with age, his hair darkens. In the summer they fade. Women of this type need to tint their hair, so as not to be faded, to revive their appearance.

The Autumn Woman has a golden, reddish brown or peach skin of three color varieties of hair. Blond hair in the representatives of the autumn type is combined with creamy peach or ivory skin. Many of these women are red, usually with freckles, and brunettes with a skin of copper hue. Hair color of the latter varies from red to chestnut, they can also have a copper tone, dark golden or carrot.

Woman Spring with her sensitive, golden-skinned skin, with pink cheeks that blush very lightly, wears honey, light golden or golden brown hair.

Correlate your appearance with a certain time of year according to the latest classification and determine the type of hair, choose for them ways and means of care. Remember that hair should be taken care of all year round.

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