Traumatic hair factors

The most common causes are physical damage. Below are the most common "traumatic" hair factors:

  • frequent wetting and drying;
  • wearing tight and stiff hats, caps or head dressings;
  • bouffant;
  • brushes with stiff and barbed bristles;
  • metal and plastic combs;
  • the braiding tight braids;
  • tight winding on curlers;
  • cylindrical brush for adding curls;
  • any other manipulation of hair.

But chemical factors are still more frequent cause of damage to hair. If you are constantly subjected to external keratin layer of the hair shaft (or cuticle) chemicals – tools for perming, bleaching, styling, hair is brittle as straw and breaks off easily. If you will try less to manipulate with your hair and avoid the damage of the hair shaft, prevent their breaking and keep them healthy. Our hair, like any other organism, tired, and if they keep pestering, they get tired more and in the end die. And what woman wants to voluntarily part with expensive jewelry? There is a common misconception that hair should be brushed as often as possible. This is not so. Should not be too hard to use brush. Avoid combing up hair.

Never do "horse tails" as little as possible and braid his hair blond pigtails. Hair brush must be of natural bristles, and a comb it is better to have hard rubber. Shampoo use soft and tender. After him resort to the balm-conditioner. Periodically trim the damaged and rasshirivshiisya the tips of the hair. Should a few words to say about the sun and swimming in open water. What a pleasure it gives us in hot summer days to take in the water with the head and then come up for air, tossing her hair! But you must know that water is not only a friend, she and a good conductor of ultraviolet rays that weaken the hair, making them dull and lifeless. Moreover, the water penetrates between the small scales, densely covering and protecting the hair, and the result is they become frizzy and brittle.

In addition, sea salt pulls water out of the hair moisture, which also leads to overdrying. If you want your hair to be always healthy, be sure to listen to our advice. Use special water-repellent hair. Applied in a small amount, it will protect every hair and simultaneously heal. And that was not "wool" on the head, use products that contain sun protection factor. After sun bathing be sure to use special restorative blends and balms. They are composed of different active agents, therapeutic oils that recreate the lost structure of the hair and give them softness and smoothness.

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