Tinting dyes and coloring shampoos


When coloring, individual strands of hair are painted in different tones. In order to produce a similar procedure on dark hair, strands are first highlighted by the type of melioration - on foil or with a cap, and then they are immediately applied with dyes of selected shades.

Tinting dyes

The role of coloring (tinting) dyes is to smooth the color of the hair or to give it different shades, to achieve saturation of color and shine. They change the basic color of the hair by just one tone. The difference of toning compositions from others is that they allow you to adjust the intensity of the shade and do not lighten the hair, only 15% of the gray hair is painted over.

In coloring agents, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are not contained, as in persistent paints. They gently affect the hair, like conditioners, without doing them any harm. Such dyes stay on the hair for a very short time, since they do not penetrate the hair. The shade paints are washed off in the 1-4 th or 6 th-8 th procedure of washing the head. Trying to get a certain color, the coloring agents mix with each other. The technique of staining with tinting dyes is described in the instructions attached to them.

Coloring shampoos

In addition to toning dyes, there are toning shampoos. When washing hair with coloring shampoos, they lightly dye their hair at the same time, shallowly penetrating the inside of the hair rod.

Shampoo shampoos are not used for dyeing dark hair, since the effect in this case is not very pronounced. The shade obtained with the use of such remedies, after 6-8 procedures of washing the head already becomes invisible. Coloring shampoos can not color gray hair.

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