The procedure of hair combing

In such a routine and at first glance simple procedure, like combing, there are certain rules. Having put hair in the morning in a hairdress, during the day we only slightly smooth them. But it turns out, there is a recommendation to comb your hair at least 50 times a day. But this is our omission is fixable - you can comb your hair before going to sleep, having run through your hair at least 100 times. Thus, the fat that is secreted during the combing procedure will be evenly distributed, and the blood circulation in the scalp will be increased.

Comb your hair gently, smoothly. Stroke them also with the palms, alternating these manipulations with the effect of the comb. The direction of movements is from the back of the head and in all directions. In this case, the pose is very important. You can sit, stand and even lie. In the latter case, you should hang your head from the bed or sofa. According to observations, during combing in this position, a lot of nutrients are deposited in the hair follicles and a more active stimulation of hair growth occurs. When combing hair standing you need to bend forward to ensure a rush of blood to the head. This recommendation does not apply to hypertensive patients.

The sitting position involves placing the head between the knees also to cause blood flow to the scalp. Short hair comb, starting from the roots, and in long ones, treat the tips first.

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