The hair restoration program: a practical guide

Dry lifeless hair spoil the life of any girl. What tools to use to restore them, disassemble edition Chochua.

Dry hair — a common phenomenon in our time: styling, coloration, ecology and improper feeding, it's ruining the hair, making it lifeless. To remedy the situation, you must first set yourself a goal, and secondly patience to achieve it, and also to buy the necessary tools, starting to do the right procedure.


So, to restore hair, you need to address this issue "on all fronts": nutrition, fortification and care. As for the food, in the recovery period need to forget about diets, focusing on the full diet. It should be brown bread, dairy products, fish and seafood. Remember, it is impossible to prevent a reduced daily intake of calories.

Also in the recovery period, doctors suggest to drink a complex of vitamin E, which among other positive aspects, responsible for nourishing each strand. 

Care, have a good range of restorative, coconut or avocado oil, as well as the means at hand in the form of eggs and yogurt. 

To the care program brought the desired results, it must be put on paper and hang it somewhere in a conspicuous place: on the mirror of the dressing table or bathroom. 

Damaged hair like no other, it is very important to have a constant mild care from quality ingredients. During the recovery period it is advisable to use a ruler of some professional cosmetics. From trusted brands in the recovery — Paul Mitchel, CHI, macadamia oil, Loreal Professional, Kerastase. Also don't forget to apply leave-in funds and to forget about thermocline (at least daily).

To compile the program recovery break the sheet for 7 days and write down what procedures, and when are you going to do. Next, mark off items after each completed procedure. It is also desirable to write down their thoughts: were the hair is softer, maybe something did not like. So you will be able to trace in detail, as the hair will recover and to adjust the program if necessary.

Your plan should be 2 sessions per week with professional restorative mask and 1 oil treatment (you can add egg, buttermilk, and essential oils). For better effect also do 2 times a week self-massage of the head. This will help to improve the blood circulation and the hair will receive more nutrients. Self-massage also helps to reduce hair breakage. 

Professional mask with a period of recovery of hair is best used on slightly damp, towel hair. That is, you should wash your hair, then wrap them for 5 minutes in a towel and then apply the mask. The shutter speed can increase to 15-20 minutes. To improve the effect you can wear a disposable cap.

As for the oil mask — it is best applied overnight (or 2-3 hours) before shampooing. At the same time, don't forget to comb the hair comb with big teeth. The fact that it is often dry areas of the hair do not receive the necessary quantity of oil. By the way, it is best to have several types of oils like your hair to be changed periodically.

The first results appear within two weeks of the regular procedures. The whole recovery process will take around two months.

For the period of hair restoration forego the use of harsh dyes. It is best to go to a professional paint and conduct painting regrown roots on the oxide not exceeding 6%, and update the length of 1.5%.

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