The color of your hair

Along with the division of hair into types based on fat or dryness, as well as the normal state, they can also be classified according to the color that nature has determined to each person. The division into blondes, brunettes, reds, albinos, etc., is known to everyone. The color of the hair depends on the content of melanin in them - a pigment of dark brown and black color, which stains both the human hair, the coat of animals, and the feathers of birds. And a huge variety of shades of the hair cover determines the presence of two pigments - eumelanin, a substance of dark brown color, and pheomelanin - a yellow red substance. Has nature rewarded the individual with more pheomelanin? So he's blond. Most often, blonde people also get light skin and blue eyes. Deviation from this rule is called heterochromia, expressed in the presence of hair in certain parts of the body. Perhaps, for the same reason, black and dark-eyed blondes are born. And for men, it happens, red hair on the head is combined with a dark mustache.

The production of a large amount of melanin in the hair bulb determines the black color of the hair. The owners of those are called brunettes. Red color depends on the presence of yellow red substance in hair (pheomelanin). One and a half times thicker hair from the wearers of this witchy hairdo! In albinos, the same coloring matter in the hair is absent altogether.

There are observations that the color of the hair depends on the character. For example, in blondes, he supposedly should be angelic, soft-hearted, brunettes - temperamental, redheads easily lose their temper. Is it so? Check on yourself, just remember what kind of hair you have by nature. Science has determined the relationship between the natural color of hair and the ability to feel pain. Especially acute pain blonde, they have increased sensitivity to drugs. Brunettes suffer pain more easily, while in the case of redheads, the sensitivity threshold is underestimated. They are susceptible to allergies, which should be considered when choosing a means for repainting hair.

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