The causes of hair loss and how to strengthen them

Norms of hair growth

Average life expectancy of hair is from three to six years. At the same time, there are hair on the head that are still growing, and those that have already stopped growing. Having ceased to grow, they are at rest for 3 months. Then they start falling out, and in their place, other hair grows from the same hair pouches. The fastest growing hair in newborns: at a rate of 0.2 mm per day.

In norm for a day drops from 50 to 100 hair. But sometimes this amount exceeds the norm. What's the matter?

There are a lot of reasons. The appearance of the problem of hair loss significantly affects the work of the endocrine system of the body. In pregnancy, the use of hormonal contraceptives and in menopause, the woman has hormonal changes. The organism for such a restructuring, which is a stress for him, reacts with abundant hair loss - up to a thousand in a short time. Strongly drop out hair at a seborrhea, sharp growing thin, insufficient receipt of fiber with food. Childbirth, severe illnesses can also cause a temporary increase in hair loss.

The rule is the loss of a large number of hair in the elderly, because it is associated with the natural processes of aging.

Causes of hair loss

One of the causes of hair loss can be stress associated with constant internal stress and irritability, conflicts at home and at work, death of loved ones, divorce, etc.

Often, the hair begins to fall strongly after the disease, especially if for curing had to take a large number of medications, including antibiotics. Chronic diseases, their complications due to which any internal organs are affected - the stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, circulatory system, brain, are also characterized by hair loss.

Among other reasons, we note:
  1. Interact with harmful chemicals, for example at work.
  2. Deficiency of vital vitamins and microelements, which the body needs so much.
  3. Long-term stay in a "bad" place - geopathogenic zone, which provokes poor health, diseases and, as a result, intense hair loss.
  4. Illiterate, unskilled hair care. Recall: this use to wash your head too hot water, unsuitable shampoo, careless combing.
  5. Frequent staining and perm.

How to prevent hair loss

Hair loss, as a rule, is always a psychological trauma, especially for the fair sex. But if time is not lost, you are quite able to stop hair loss, bringing the process of their renewal back to normal. Listen to the following recommendations.
  • Care for your hair carefully, apply suitable types of shampoos and other means. - Use rinse aid to facilitate combing.
  • Change the shampoo every season. This measure, as experience shows, strengthens the hair.
  • Acquire SLS-Free shampoos and balms, enriched with vitamins and other beneficial substances, and regularly make nutritious hair masks.
  • Correctly, in accordance with the instruction, apply the means for staining.
  • Do not damage the hair with permanent styling. Dense waving, varnishes, gels tend to weigh hair and disrupt the normal functioning of the blood vessels of the head.
  • Use foam or shading shampoos, tonics against hair loss with active plant components.
  • When working with harmful substances, observe all safety precautions.
  • Identify at home pathological zones, especially in the place where the bed is, using a pendulum (keys, key chain, metal ball or needle on the thread). Strong swinging is evidence of unfavorable zones and the reason for rearranging the bed to another place.
Eliminating the external factors provoking hair loss, deal with the internal - determine what is wrong with the body. 

  1. Increase the amount of protein in the diet. Eat a day for 200 g of chicken, fish and other protein, but not too fatty foods. - Eat iron-rich lean meat, seafood, broccoli, dried fruits, soy, greens.
  2. Avoid fatty, spicy food, sweets, alcohol.
  3. Consume foods containing silicon, which prevents hair loss: from flour, cereals, millet, beans, parsley, strawberries, bananas.
  4. Shrimp, sea fish, sea kale, other seafood will provide the body with iodine. Replace the ordinary iodized salt.
  5. Regularly eat walnutss.
  6. One packet of fruit jelly a week will help strengthen the hair, as well as joints, ligaments, bones, muscles, nails.
The hair strengthens the hair with a Herculean infusion: in the evening, pour 1 cup of oatmeal flakes with 1 liter of water, in the morning strain it and take half the glass during the day.
  • 1 tablespoon of sunflower, corn or olive oil in the morning and in the evening - the right tool for strengthening hair.
French women know the recipe for salad, which includes components that favorably affect hair, stimulating their growth. It is necessary to pour 6 tablespoons of oat flakes with a small amount of boiled chilled water, mix with 1 teaspoon of honey and a few chopped walnuts. Leave this stock at night. In the morning, add chopped apricots (2-3 pieces), apple, 3 tablespoons cream, mix and eat. In the summer, you can take other fresh fruits or berries. 

The most simple and affordable way to stop hair loss is regular scalp massage with finger pads to stimulate blood circulation. After that, you can lie on the bed or sofa for a while, dangling your head. Thus it is necessary to sip a little for hair before occurrence of pleasant sensation of heat in a skin that will testify to inflow of a blood.

Cosmetologists recommend that when hair is lost, hold hot baths with English salt.

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