Summer hair care: rules and nuances

Summer is not the best time for hair. The sun's rays, salty water, dry air can make hair dry, brittle and dull in appearance. What should be a summer hair care, read our material.

Summer hair care plays a vital role in the life of the hair, because in the summer you can irrevocably damage your hair. Sun dry them, destroying the cuticle once and for all. The hair remained healthy and shiny, You'll have to take care of them.


Summer hair protection should become for You like brushing your teeth. Purchase protective spf series, and actively use. Ideally, the range with sun protection factor should be the main care line for Your hair in summer. And if being in the city, You can only use hair spray with sun filters, on the sea, You must have the entire line. Remember, dry hair is easier to prevent than to repair damaged hair.

If You went to the sea and You have no special means for hair with an spf, put on your hair regular sunscreen. After visiting the beach, rinse it with shampoo.


In the summer, as ever, hair in need of moisture. 2 times a week use a moisturizing mask. To enhance the effect, instead of the standard application, make wraps: apply the mask to damp hair and wrap with cling film for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with water. This method of applying the mask will enhance its moisturizing effect. Preferably in the summer to make wraps for the hair 1 time a week.


Summer hair become greasy very quickly. Do not try to fight this feature. Wash your hair as needed, because sebum is a very bad influence on the condition of the hair. Shampoos for summer use, choose light, soft Surfactants, suitable for frequent use.

Before hair wash apply to wet scalp with a few drops of jojoba oil, avocado oil or coconut oil. Well RUB into the roots and massage. Then proceed with the standard washing procedure. This will help to nourish the scalp and it will not be dry out, due to the need for frequent washing.

Never dry a head in the sun. This is a direct way to dry hair. So, the sun has a negative impact on wet hair, destroying their protective layer. Dry your hair with a Hairdryer or allow to dry naturally indoors. On the beach do not forget about the headdress: it needs to cover the hair from the sun.


In summer the hair is very burn. It is an absolutely natural process. If You color your hair, do not go out in the sun without a hat. This will protect the color and structure of hair. In the summer it is better to abandon painting, replacing it with the rendering procedure. 

If You are blonde and need clarification, don't perform the procedure on hot days. Try to reduce the number of colorations as possible.


To summer hair has maintained its health and beauty, turn to summer skin protection and moisturizing, proper cleansing, use hats and try not to dye your hair.

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