Shampoos for hair treatment

Special compounds were developed by cosmetologists to eliminate hair and scalp problems. For example, to treat the most common such ailment - dandruff. Shampoos for dandruff reduce the release of excess amounts of fat due to the contained in them vitamins, salicylic acid, sulfur and other effective substances. But you can not always use them, you should alternate them with ordinary ones.

Many industrial shampoos combine not one, but several medicinal properties. They exert a strong effect on both the scalp and hair. They use courses from 5 to 20 procedures. It should be borne in mind that the use of therapeutic shampoo for a long time affects adversely - it can cause side effects such as hair loss and other such.

Therapeutic shampoos, specially designed for oily hair, are designed to reduce the production of sebum. And here you need a reasonable approach, because with excessive use of them you can dry the skin, which, in turn, will cause dandruff. On sale there are special shampoos and for eliminating the dryness of hair, in which there are moisturizing ingredients and protein. For a long time, shampoos have been developed and are being sold for damaged hair, for hair damaged by staining or subjected to chemical perms.

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