Sea salt against hair loss, effective folk remedy

Cosmetologists recommend that when hair is lost, hold hot baths with English salt.

It will take: 100 g of salt.

Rub the salt into scalp for 15 minutes. Before and after the procedure, the head should be washed with warm water without soap and shampoo.

Among industrial preparations there are means for strengthening hair with various active substances, for example with alpha-hydroxide. They are taken from fruits: apples, grapes, citrus fruits, as well as certain plants such as sugar cane, willow (bark). These components restore the top layer of the scalp, stimulate cells to grow Widely used in industrial fortifying preparations of vitamin A.

The healing properties of apples have long been known. But relatively recently, scientists discovered that they contain about 300 valuable biologically active substances, which can also be beneficial to hair. To strengthen, rub the gruel from the wiped apple into the hair roots in a circular motion.

But if all the measures taken by you have not helped, it makes sense to see a doctor to diagnose in time possible serious diseases of the endocrine system or the beginning of baldness.

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