Rules of shampooing without silicone: what you need to know

The rejection of the shampoos that contain silicone, undoubtedly, is a good practice for the health and beauty of hair. However, the transition to non-silicone shampoos, can cause a number of difficulties. What are the rules of shampooing without silicone?

First of all, it should be noted that the silicones go many myths and scary statements in which believe many girls. For example, the fact that the silicones from the hair to break, fall out and become dry — this is just a myth. Itself is a silicone polymer that envelops the hair and makes them shiny in appearance, visually softens the structure and protects from all sorts of damage. Nothing "wrong" in the silicones really not. Of its cons is that they do not pass through useful for the hair substance. That is, if you wash your hair with shampoo with the content of the silicone, mask, or hair balm will not be able to give them food or hydration. Therefore, the shampoo is better to choose a non-silicone. 


The main rule that you need to know when you switch to cleaning products without silicones is what you expect a so-called transition period. This is a time in which hair will leave the accumulated silicones. Sometimes during this period, the hair look lifeless, so it simply to survive. This period lasts typically from two to five weeks: each one individually. To smooth the effect of perehodnogo period, choose shampoos of good brands that have natural ingredients, which replaces silicones: oil, keratin, protein. As a rule, they perfectly fulfill their functions, making the hair smooth. 

As for hair conditioner and hair masks, to completely abandon the silicones in them are not worth it. This is especially true of masks, and other additional care. The fact is that natural remedies still will not give that feeling of smoothness, given by the silicones. Will not be a mirror Shine on the hair. Therefore, a number of natural remedies that will nourish, moisturize and make hair beautiful from the inside, and apply the ones that will create the visual effect. Silicone is mandatory to use for the girls who regularly make hot styling. 

In parallel with the rejection of the silicone shampoos include a facial treatment oil mask. Just apply coconut oil or jojoba oil for half an hour before shampooing once a week. If you have very dry and porous hair, apply the oil for 5-10 minutes before each shampooing.

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