Restoring the health of damaged hair

When the hair is exposed to adverse effects - the influence of the sun, perm, dyeing - and the outer scaly layer of the hair shaft becomes rough, unable to absorb moisture, special healing agents are used to restore them, in sufficient quantities produced abroad and developed in our cosmetics enterprises.

For example, the company "Wella" produces a series of protective and restorative products for hair care "SANARA", which includes fruit wax, which has therapeutic effect.

The product of this series Hydro Balance Kur moisturizes the hair and protects it from drying out. "Hydro Balance Kur" is left on the hair for 24 hours.

The restorer of the hair structure "Liquid Hair" restores cross hair, increases their volume, gives shine and protects due to the content of the fruit wax in it.

Thanks to the presence of fruit wax in the "Curative restorer for dry, colored hair and hair with a chemical wave" firm "Wella" improves the appearance of the hair, they become soft, elastic, acquire a natural shine.

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