Recommendations against hair loss

Hair loss

Healthy hair, too, drop out, but in limited quantities. This is a completely natural process for the normal condition of the hair, and one should not be frightened. However, too much hair falling out should alert everyone to avoid adverse effects, in particular baldness.

The most unfavorable effect on the hair is excessive abuse of such cosmetic procedures as perm, frequent staining with drugs containing hydrogen peroxide, permanent scratching or excessive use of tufting, excessive use of lacquers, overdue preparations for hair care, alcohol, drugs, as well as rough, careless combing.

Diseases, stresses, lack of sleep, physical overloads - the causes of the unhappy condition of the hair, their fragility, dryness, loss of shine and elasticity.

The cosmetic industry lets out means from hair loss. They prevent the hardening of the roots, speeding hair loss. The product released in ampoules is so effective that the amount of hair in the growth stage increases by 8% in 6 weeks. The course of treatment is carried out 2 times a year for 2 months.


  • Do not wear tight headgear and wigs;
  • Do not over tighten with elastic bands;
  • do not pinch tightly with barrettes and hairpins;
  • do not use constantly electric locks and iron curlers;
  • Do not use preparations to color hair with an expired date of release;
  • Do not use wigs and hairpieces for permanent wearing.

Use decoctions of herbs that prevent hair loss, rubbing into the scalp:

  • tincture of calendula on alcohol;
  • sea buckthorn oil with special additives;
  • lotion, cooked from the roots of the crook;
  • tincture of pods of red pepper;
  • Castor oil;
  • A remedy for fresh roots of comfrey;
  • Infusion of flowers from a cornflower, prepared by boiling 100 grams of flower baskets in a solution of 1 glass of water and 200 g of vinegar.

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