Reasons for hair loss in women

Now let us turn to such burning issue as hair loss. For many women, it is unlikely that it can be more distressing than the thinning hair on his head. In the old days, doctors have rarely faced such a problem. But now the fair sex more and more remains of hair combs. A few years later you notice that hair, to put it mildly thinned. Of course, all this can be hidden with a wig, but agree that it is so inconvenient and problematic.

A good wig made with real hair, not everyone can afford, and artificial wigs look most unsightly, and in some cases even defiant. And find the color very difficult, and to explain to friends and relatives of the reasons for the sudden change of image that you do not want. So what is the cause of this problem? The thing is, as a rule, not that there's a lot of hair, is the fact that too little grows. This is due to any of many dozens of possible factors.

The main reasons for female baldness are hormone disruption, heredity and age-related changes. Hormonal disruptions are after the birth when, after 8-12 weeks, hair loss begins. The reason is to delay the change of the hair during pregnancy, lack of sleep and overload. But usually after six months the hair loss stopped. The male-pattern baldness i.e. a receding hairline from the ears temporal lobe and on the top, a General thinning of hair occurs in women during menopause.

Hair loss in some tumors and diseases of the endocrine glands. The hereditary factor also plays an important role. And if someone of your ancestors was noted that, it is likely that you will inherit this deficiency. As you know, these hair are predisposed to various diseases, in particular to baldness. We should not forget about age changes. Follicles, having worked for many years, you start to get tired, to be exhausted and weakened. Some of them are quite cease to grow hair. Many causes of hair loss in modern women, due to the state of the environment and different kinds of hairdressing treatments.

Bunches of hair fall out in cases of poisoning by arsenic, thallium, mercury and lead. Complete baldness can occur after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, however, in the future, the hair, slowly, but recovering.

But the initial level of the quantity and quality they have not achieved, no matter how you tried. What can women do to keep their hair? First of all, contact your dermatologist. Self-treatment will not lead to anything good and can only exacerbate the hair loss.

In our time is not often possible to hear a compliment to the hair. Long thick and silky hair, from which, moreover, smells good, give their owner a unique femininity and natural charm. But as you increase the number of our years, hair is directly proportional to otstegat, as they gradually grow thinner, look more thin and fragile. So let's learn as much as possible to maintain the length and charm of your own hair!

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