Professional hair care in autumn

With the onset of autumn it seems that even hair fall like leaves, change their color and often look sloppy, as if after a heavy rain with wind, in fact the styling was done very carefully. What happens to the hair, and whether it is time to choose special care in the cold period? 

Autumn season – precisely the period of the most popular procedures for hair restoration, and wise beauties looking for all-natural methods to restore the beauty and health of hair in the home.

"Autumn depression" of the hair is quite justified. Barbers explain it by the fact that the transition from warm temperatures to cold causes an immediate reaction from the hair and scalp. Dehydration of skin and hair leads to split ends (especially long hair), and overall dryness (often this happens with curly hair). On the other hand, external humidity along with the cold spoil the hair not less than the summer the ultraviolet rays. The wind reduces the resistance of hair follicles, reducing their ability to hold hair. The deterioration of the circulatory system from the cold breaks the power of hair, and when combined with the daily stress of blow-drying, regular coloring and just from improper hair care assures us of damaged, brittle and dull hair, irritated scalp. To this must be added the particularly sharp seasonal hair loss, understandable features of our body. A "naughty" hair while styling, their electrification, or excessive curly, on the General background to be the last straw.

TM Natura House

The best hairdressers are convinced that only natural cosmetics carries maximum benefit. And, then, you are right, those who choose naturalness at home. Traditional fall home remedies for hair that women tend to use more than one hundred years, contain honey (vitamins, Pro-vitamin a) and Royal jelly (protein, vitamins), eggs (vitamin a and protein, provitamin B5) and the sprouted grains of wheat (protein), various oils (vitamin F and E), rye bread (magnesium), yeast (provitamin B5), avocado (provitamin B5), etc. It is possible to experiment and to try different homemade recipes, and you can find a trusted alternative.

Hair care in autumn, it is easy provides professional hair cosmetics, which is 98.5% natural ingredients. It is about the tools TM Natura House, made in Italy. 40 years natural cosmetics for hair TM Natura House, and all the while she meets all the quality certificates. Knowing about the autumn with the health and beauty of hair, TM Natura House has produced a unique series of RIRS with provitamin B5.

In the composition of its products honey and Royal jelly. As home facilities, they can restore hair, accelerate growth, increase their defenses, give them Shine and silkiness. Protein and essential oils nourish and make hair strong from the inside out and soften the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles. Vitamin a helps in normal functioning of the scalp. A series of RIRS with provitamin B5 is not a random selection of the leading vitamin. It is considered to be most capable of absorption through the skin and the best for regeneration of all tissues. Maximum recovery of hair scalp is promoted and contained extracts of Cayenne pepper, ginseng and boxwood, oil pumpkin, wheat protein, magnesium, vitamins a and F.

A set of tools labeled TM series Natura House is also not accidental. Shampoo to strengthen the hair carefully cleanse the scalp, strengthen hair follicles and the hair along its entire length. Autumn dryness and dullness of hair neutralizing balm-conditioner for damaged hair. And the application of nourishing masks for hair and rejuvenating complex in ampoules from the RIRS with provitamin B5 have to be regular in the autumn. All these professionally designed natural remedies for hair easy to use in home care and to better effect than in the cabin. 

In autumn it is possible to successfully change the image. But colouring your hair should be gentle, so it is wise to move to a more natural color for their hair. A new haircut will help to creatively arrange the removal of split ends and open every thread. Don't want to change the image enough to cut split ends every 6-8 weeks. 

Hair is a hallmark of the beauty of every woman and an additional opportunity for men to conquer their well-groomed. Proper care of hair fall will become your guarantor for a spectacular appearance in any weather!

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