Preventative means and methods of hair care

Softening, anti-inflammatory and refreshing effect on the hair have creams. Improving the nutrition of the hair, they regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, give the hair elasticity, enhance the natural shine, prevent the formation of dandruff, promote hair growth, and strengthen them.

They include useful softening additives - oils, propolis, sulcene paste and vitamins B1, PP, extracts and decoctions of nettle, burdock, coltsfoot, tea, oak bark, etc., aromatic additives. After applying these drugs they are left for a while on the hair, then rinse the hair with warm water.

An important means of maintaining healthy hair is the scalp massage. It promotes the ingestion of nutrients into the skin, improves the blood supply of tissues, removes dead skin scales.

If we are talking about creams, let's name one more function - hair removal. Special products are produced in a creamy form, which are applied to the skin in places of unwanted hair growth and easily and painlessly remove hair.

This, for example, cream "Opilka", which is produced in Germany by the company "Schwarzkopf". It is designed to remove hair in the underarms, legs, bikini and face. Thanks to the soft active ingredients and apricot oil contained in it, hair removal with the help of the cream occurs sparing, without irritating the skin.

The cream is applied with a spatula, which is also in the package, in a thin layer. The maximum effect of the cream is 10 minutes. The hair is removed with a spatula, then washed off with warm water.

Epilin-3 is a cream for soft epilation. Helps to get rid of unwanted hairs on the face and other parts of the body. This soft cream is for sensitive skin. It is applied to the growth of hairs and gradually destroys the hair follicles, which are thinned and soon disappear completely.

"Epilin-forte" - a cream for removing unwanted hair on the body for less sensitive skin. Its formula allows you to remove hair quickly, cleanly, painlessly. It does not irritate the skin, does not cause allergies.

"Bleach cream" - cream mousse for hair removal. It contains a composition that lightens hair, slows down their growth and gradually breaks down. The cream is made according to an old English recipe and is recommended for epilation of hair in areas with delicate, sensitive skin.

Massage scalp with a brush or hand:
  • the roots of the hair with the pads of the fingers, making circular motions;
  • tapping skin with pads of fingers;
  • stroking with both hands in the direction from the forehead to the nape and the temporal areas.

The procedure is recommended before bedtime.

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