Popular balms and conditioners review

The lost moisture is returned to the hair balms - drugs designed for hair with broken structure and damage to the tips of hair. They are well absorbed by the skin and hair, restore healthy shine to the hair, protect them from new damages, strengthen the tips of the hair, prevent "sparking". Balms are applied to the hair and left for 20 minutes. So, the firm "Nivea" developed restoring therapeutic balm "Aufbau Haarkur", which contains valuable lipids and natural proteins that promote hair health. Provitamin B1, contained in this medical balm, forms a protective layer around the ends of the split hair and prevents their destruction. It also includes jojoba oil, which along the entire length of the hair creates a protective shell. Balsams from the company "Poli Cur" make the hair smoother and return moisture to them. For balsams to function more efficiently, use aluminum foil, making it a "cap".

Protein Hairkur Protein Hair Balm is used to restore the damaged structure of hair, to strengthen them and return a healthy appearance. In the composition of balsam provitamin B1 (panthenol), ceramic acids, wheat protein, vitamins A and E. It is used after a chemical wave, color. Keratin acids adhere to the peeling keratin cells, replace the lost cells. Wheat protein fills damaged places. Panthenol creates a protective shell, vitamin A has a healing regenerating effect.

Balm is applied to damp hair and lasts for 5 minutes. Then it is washed off with warm water. Apply to hair once a week.

From domestic hair balms you can recommend balm "Ballet", not inferior in quality to foreign ones.

Balms are useful for all types of hair. They are applied after washing with massaging finger movements. Balsams-rinses, for example "Linda", "Organics" and many others are issued.

From the harmful effects of the environment, hair protects the air conditioning. These are very soft hair care products containing moisturizing ingredients, among which are also proteins and lipids. They fill the damaged areas of the hair surface, form a thin protective layer, facilitating combing.

Conditioner "Nivea" for normal hair contains active natural ingredients, including wheat extract. Thanks to the presence of these additives, the hair acquires splendor and elasticity, a healthy shine.

Nivea air conditioner for dry and brittle hair includes soft ingredients of vegetable origin, including jojoba oil, which softens the hair, restores elasticity and natural shine to the hair.

There is a special conditioner for colored hair and hair with a chemical wave in the cosmetic series of Nivea hair care products. The complex of active substances contained in this conditioner, which includes natural substances and a series of keratin, provides gentle care for the hair, returning them elasticity, splendor, silky and shine.

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