Pink latte, healthy benefits

Why trendy pink latte is so useful: Instagram recipe

In recent times Instagram is conquering new trendy drink — pink latte, which will attract your attention with its lovely appearance. Today we offer to understand what is the essence of the rose latte and why it is so useful. 

Pink latte has become a real favorite among the European lifestyle bloggers Instagram. It looks beautiful, but due to the unusual and trendy pink color was the real star of social networks. And, besides these obvious advantages of such a drink, it is very useful.

Pink latte is caffeine free and known to coffee drink it is only a name. This drink can be a great replacement for coffee during the hot summer period. It consists exclusively of natural ingredients, has a mass of useful substances.

What is pink latte?

So, its pink hue, this drink is bound beets as the main ingredient. But as we know beetroot has many useful components. In addition to the beets, in the Canon of Australian (he came to us from there) in addition to the recipe is beet juice the pitaya, which is to find in our area is difficult. But we have an alternative recipe pink latte, which is a little later.

Pink latte can be called vegan because it consists of herbal components. After all, even milk, which is in its composition, canonical recipe, use vegetable, but not of animal origin. 

Beets, which is the major component of this beverage has the antioxidant properties that allows to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. And thanks to folic acid in its composition it is also indicated for girls who are planning to have a baby. Pink latte can lower blood pressure and improves the health of the whole organism. 

As we have said, in the canonical recipe is also pitaya,which has a large amount of nutrients. 

Pitaya or dragon fruit contains lion dose of vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and calcium. There is also a list of b-vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and B6). Besides, pink latte, a very a diet drink, the calorie content of which does not exceed and 60 calories, which makes it the most attractive. Especially for girls who are trying to lose weight.

Unnatural components

Probably pink latte will soon appear in our coffeehouses. Because the popularity of Instagram-the drink is simply impossible to avoid. However, there may be a catch, so a pink latte can be prepared not only from natural components, but using the "powders" that make it no — not harmful, not helpful.

So, if pink latte is not from beets but from lyophilized powder, it will have all the vitamins, but will contain a lot of sugar, which diminishes even its dietary properties.

How to make pink latte

If you got the idea to try and make your own pink latte, we know how. We have prepared for you "adapted" for our country a recipe for a healthy drink that not only refreshes and invigorates on a hot summer day, but also give a lot of vitamins.

So, in order to prepare pink latte at home, you will need: 
  • 2 beets;
  • a glass of vegetable milk;
  • a little cinnamon or ginger;
  • a teaspoon of honey. 

To brew pink latte, make juice from beets, in which add all the ingredients. If you don't like the taste of beets, add a little more cinnamon — it will not reduce its properties, but it will take the taste of the beets. Optionally, add a little ice to make a refreshing drink maximum. 

This bestiary pink latte the taste should be very tender, and due to its creamy texture and does resemble chocolate. Enjoy your coffee.

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