Oxidant staining

In addition to the lightening and bleaching processes carried out by the blonding compositions, the hair is dyed in dark colors, in red shades, giving darker hair lighter colors with paints made on the basis of oxidants. When staining with oxidizing compounds after their application, the hair swells, then the ink penetrates into the core, where the oxidant combines with the pigment and brightens the natural coloring material. The dye is deeply fixed and is no longer washed off with water.

The staining time is usually 30-35 minutes. If the roots were painted earlier, first the paint is applied over the main length of the hair, and after 10 minutes - on their roots.

Oxidation paints are liquid, pasty, gelatinous. They are dissolved with per-hydrolyte, which, in turn, can also be liquid, creamy or in the form of tablets.

If you have never had hair painted before, consider that the roots of the hair lighten faster than their ends. On the roots of the paint should be applied after the hair has been dyed all along the length. But if the hair that has recently suffered a chemical wave is dyed, the oxidant is first applied to the roots, then along the entire length of the hair. Remember also other rules for the use of oxidation compounds.
  • Before painting, the day before, conduct an allergy test (instructions in the manual). - The paint lays evenly on clean and damp hair.
  • Mixing the paint and oxidizer, immediately proceed to staining.
  • On the hair at the border of the hairline and forehead, apply the compound last.
The state of colored hair can be improved by exposing it to light. This method is called photo-chromotherapy. Green light prevents hair loss, normalizes sebum. It expands the capillaries and enhances the supply of blood to the follicles.

Red color destroys dandruff and fixes curls after a perm.

The yellow color improves the microcirculation and nutrition of the hair follicles, as a result of which hair growth stimulation occurs.

Blue fights with dandruff, destroys the fungus and removes allergic reactions.

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