Ombre and sombre: techniques of gradient hair coloring

Gradient hair coloring last year completely conquered the fashion catwalks, red carpets and even the streets of ordinary towns. Girls with dark hair, who were eager at least to be a little blonde rushed to the salons for a trendy Ombre. Now in stock dozens of options for painting: Californian highlights, Balaj, Shatush, and even strange word sombre. Let's see what's what!

All these techniques come from classic highlighting, in which strands of dyed a lighter color. Modern painting offers a variety of options of color transitions from bright to subtle contrast of muted. The purpose of these transitions is to create a natural effect of sun – bleached hair. It is the combination of light and dark strands creates volume in hair gives them a "live" view and traffic. 

Celebrities often choose gradient colouring, it looks great in the pilings under the spotlight.

How to paint strands in a bright color at home

If last year at the height of fashion was Ombre, but now we often hear the term sombre. This season is the most fashionable color in Hollywood. And today we will tell you what is the difference between them.


Ombre is a transition from dark roots to light ends, in the middle of the blurry border between the two colors. Ombre is done mainly on dark hair (from dark-brown to black) to have a noticeable color transition.

Sombre is barely noticeable glare on some of the strands, the effect of burnt hair. The roots can be quite a bit darker than the main length, and the boundary of transition is absolutely invisible. Sombre can be done even on light hair, the effect of the color will remain.

The level of staining

The Ombre transition to a light color usually begins with mid-length hair or even below.

When the technique of sombre hair color closer to the roots, the usual distance is about 5 cm do not lighten the whole mass of hair as individual strands, which create the invisible boundary of the transition colors.


Ombre is quite a contrast staining, the transition between colors is noticeable, especially if the original hair colour is very dark. In fact, it looks like the hair is growing in after coloring your hair blonde, only much more aesthetically pleasing.

Sombre is a softer version, as the hair would naturally become lighter closer to the tips, creating the effect of glare on the sun.

The process of dyeing Ombre

If you still decide on this painting, please note:
  1. It is not necessary to paint yourself, at home or from the masters. This is a complex dyeing techniques, and it requires a certain level of skill of the hairdresser-colorist.
  2. This staining, even on the length of the hair to the shoulders, will take about 5 hours of your time. Be ready for it.
  3. Ombre and sombre are expensive. The good master the price of the painting starts from 20 USD.
  4. As with any lighting, this painting seriously detracts from the hair. After changing the image you will need to buy special products for hair care and to make regular beauty treatments.
Gradient coloring is a great option for those who do not like to go often to the hairdresser or, for example, letting his hair grow. It does not require a constant correction, as due to the soft transition of color growing the roots will not be noticeable.

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