Nutrition for healthy hair

Food should be diverse and rich in vitamins. Vitamins are helpers in the fight against various diseases. A sufficient content of these nutrients in the body is a pledge of strength and beauty of hair.

As you probably know, the pathological conditions caused by a deficiency of vitamins, most often develop in the spring. At this time of year the body badly needs vitaminized food, which reflects the appearance of the hair. In the spring, they lack the brilliance, volume. Attempts to put in order the haircut ends in failure, the hair does not want to lie, as you need. Feed them with vitamin B1, which has a special significance for the hair. Its deficiency in general is bad for the whole organism. Vitamin B1 regulates the work of the heart and blood vessels. It normalizes acidity, stimulates the work of the glands of internal secretion, causes an increase in hair growth. First of all, the preventive intake of vitamin B1 is indicated for those who are engaged in work that requires great physical effort. It must be contained in products from the daily diet. And these are oranges, orange juice, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, spinach, rice bran, green peas, wheat sprouts, peanuts, aloe juice. The sources of thiamine are also chicken, turkey, lean meat, steamed clams, bread from coarse grains, buckwheat porridge. Drink sour milk, which stimulates the formation of vitamin B in the digestive system.

Vitamin B2 has a strong effect on hair. Its deficiency is determined by the appearance of dandruff, red spots on the face, chest, scalp. Vitamin B2 is added to shampoos to strengthen the hair and soften the skin of the head. Having eaten 1 egg, or 500 g of champignons, or 80 g of yeast, you will make up a daily dose of vitamin B2.

Protective functions of the body strengthens vitamin Vb. Its lack in the body, in addition to beriberi, leads to skin diseases and seborrhea. Strengthens the roots of hair vitamin B15, which accelerates metabolic processes in the cells of tissues. Only 2-3 g of this substance should enter the body per day.

To feed the scalp and hair roots is also important vitamin B10, or nicotinic acid. It is contained in plant foods, and in products of animal origin. The shortage of vitamin B is expressed in the weakening of hair growth. 150 grams of chicken meat or 400 grams of cheese cover the daily requirement for this substance.

Deficiency of vitamin B5 in the body can lead to early gray hair, hair growth disorders, dermatitis. 150 g of chicken meat, 300 grams of cheese contain a daily dose of vitamin B5.

Vitamin A increases the resistance of the body to diseases, strengthens the immune system. Interestingly, he relieves warts. Suppliers of this vitamin are carrots, leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, apricots, milk, sweet pepper, egg yolk, butter. He is in the fruits of mountain ash and rose hips. When dry and brittle hair is recommended to enrich your diet with these products. 4 grams of fish oil, 10 g of pork liver, 60 g of carrots, 400 g of apricots will provide you with a daily dose of vitamin A.

The resistance of the body will increase vitamin C. It is found in fruits. Eat at least three fruits a day, and vitamin C, along with other substances that are in them, will protect you from diseases at the cellular level. First of all, ascorbic acid is rich in citrus fruits - oranges, tangerines, lemons, and black currant. 2 oranges, or 500 g Antonian apples, or 1 fruit kiwi, or 1 large peach, will cover the daily requirement of the body for vitamin C. If at the moment in the house suddenly there was no fruit and berries, then the onion, dill or coriander is every mistress. Eat greens, and you will saturate the body not only with this vitamin. You can take ascorbic acid in the form of a drug. The recommended daily dose is 80 mg per day.

It is worth mentioning also about vitamin D, contained in milk, mushrooms, butter, fish. It prevents the formation of dandruff. In addition, it strengthens the bones and helps to get rid of depression.

In a healthy state supports the hair vitamin F. It gives them shine, helps to eliminate dandruff, brittle, prevents loss. Use walnuts, sunflower seeds, soybeans, peanuts, almonds, avocados - suppliers of vitamin F.

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