New trend: galaxy hair

If you like to be unusual and irresistible — a new trend, just for you. Recently girls from around the world create your hair a real space. The so-called galactic staining is becoming increasingly popular among active users Instagram. What is the new trend, and how to create cosmetic shades for hair — read and see in our material. 

The essence of the galactic coloring is how to create the hair color modulation, which can be found in space. By analogy with the colors of the Universe girls paint hair in blue, purple and turquoise. Unusual? Definitely. But looks very bright and beautiful. 


In order to create a similar space tints on your hair it is best to seek a competent colorist who can create all the subtle transitions of colors and shades, while not damaging the hair. Independently such experiments is better not to, although if you like to experiment and have experience in working with paints — you can take a chance. Especially if you plan to paint not the whole head but only the front part. 

The main key to the success of galactic hair healthy hair, as the bright coloring is not aesthetically pleasing to look at dry hair. Also lost all the delicate tints. If you are not okay with the condition of the hair, but you want to try something similar, do after the staining procedure, the lamination or keratin, to create the effect of smooth and shiny hair.

To care for such hair you need gentle shampoos without SLS and SLeS in the composition, as well as professional conditioners and masks. The main task of hair care with this painting to keep the color from washing out and fading, and to maintain hydration of the hair.

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