Neurodermatitis home remedies, organic and natural treatment


This skin disease can have an allergic nature or is caused by nervous disorders and disorders in the functioning of endocrine glands.

With neurodermatitis, there are unpleasant sensations of itching, burning of the skin. Usually they are accompanied by its peeling and redness, you can even detect sores and wounds. Then the hair begins to fall out in the forehead, which is explained by the influence of toxins on the onion and papillae of the hair. Harmful substances hinder their growth.

Treatment of neurodermatitis

Typically, from hair loss, sulfur-tar ointments and fluorocort are prescribed. After treatment, hair growth is restored. From itching and burning, the drug "Tinktal" helps. As general therapeutic measures, such procedures as baths, lotions, ointments are useful.

With neurodermatitis is widely used to treat aloe. Pharmaceutical and self-prepared preparations on its basis are used both externally and for oral administration. The simplest is compresses with aloe juice (moisten them with a napkin and put on your head for 10-15 minutes). For internal use, you can prepare a nutritional mixture of aloe juice with the addition of other useful components.

It will take: 150 g of aloe juice, 350 g of walnut kernels, 100 grams honey.

Mix and take 1 teaspoon 3 times daily before meals.

Another indispensable assistant with neurodermatitis is celandine. On its basis, you can prepare an ointment (it is recommended to do on a full moon).

It will take: 2 parts of spirit extract of celandine, 1 part lard or petrolatum.

Rinse the ingredients well and keep on a water bath until the alcohol evaporates.

In parallel with the use of this ointment should take inside every day 20 drops of alcohol extract celandine.

To wash down better 1/4 glasses of juice of a plantain, slightly diluted water.

Below are the recipes of herbal infusions, which will help to remove unpleasant sensations with neurodermatitis and normalize the general condition.

It will take: 10 g of nettle leaves, 5 grams oregano, alternatives, horsetail, chamomile flowers and violet tricolor, 10 g licorice root, 15 g valerian root.

1 tablespoon of mixture to pour 200 g of boiling water. Insist 30 minutes. Drink half an hour before meals (cook immediately before use).

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