Natural homemade mask for healthy hair

All girls and women struggle for beautiful and healthy hair. Ecology, poor nutrition, frequent hair coloring, and improper care — all this makes the hair dry and lifeless. To remedy the situation, they need enhanced care. How to prepare a mask for hair at home — read our material. 

How to peel scalp?

To restore the structure of hair is impossible. Because if hair is damaged, it will not return the original structure. And hairdressers in one voice assured that damaged hair needs trimming, then to grow already healthy. However, as practice shows, it is not always possible, as girls are often just not ready to part with the length. In such cases, have to engage in restorative procedures that will not alter the structure of hair, filling it with nutrients and shorten elastic and filled. Thus making hair beautiful in appearance and in tactile contact. 


The most effective method of recovery are hair masks. So, they are able to bring hair the necessary components (e.g., keratin, protein), as well as to nourish them and make them Shine. If you love homemade cosmetics, you will like the next mask, which after only three treatments will make a difference, and the softness of the hair you will feel after the first application. 
  • To prepare the mask you will need: sunflower oil — 50 ml, one egg, avocado and a little sour cream. In the bowl of a blender put sunflower oil, egg yolk and sour cream. On low speed, combine the ingredients in a single substance. Next, add two teaspoons of avocado oil. And let it brew for 5-7 minutes. This time is necessary, so the ingredients have time with each other to make friends. 
Next, apply the mask on dry hair, starting from the ends and closer to the hair roots. To do this best, first divide hair into zones. For best application, take a clean brush for painting. After application, wrap hair in plastic wrap, and slightly warm up the head with a Hairdryer. Don't need to do this for fairly 5 minutes. Then, immediately put the bath towel not to let the heat dissipate. Leave the mask on for 40-50 minutes, then wash the head by conventional means. 

If you have oily hair, don't put the mask on the hair roots, leave 3-4 cm free. 

This mask is very thoroughly nourishes the hair, gives them Shine and makes it soft. The course consists of 6-7 treatments with an interval of 2-3 days. Then you can do 1 treatment every 10 days to maintain the effect. Thus, it is very important to survive the first 3-4 treatments before you see real results. 

If you have problems with loss, divide the mask into two parts: one dealt at length, and secondly, add a teaspoon of burdock oil and apply on the roots. In the case of oily hair, replace the sour cream for yogurt.

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