Natural hair coloring with basma and henna

Basma is a grayish-green powder from indigo leaves. If henna alone can be used for staining, then basma is not present as it gives to hair an unnatural greenish or crimson shade.

The amount of henna and basma required for staining depends on the length of the hair. For short hair, take 1 tablespoon of the one and the other, for long hair you need 4 tablespoons.

If you just want to shade your hair and strengthen it, then paint should be kept on your hair for only 5-10 minutes. Then they should be washed with warm water without using soap and shampoo.

Colors you can get with basma and henna

  • Henna and basma, taken in equal parts, will give a chestnut color.
  • You will get black color of hair if you mix 1 part of henna and 2 parts of basma and keep this composition 1,5-2 hours.
  • 1 part of henna and 1 part of basma will help to achieve a bronze shade.
  • To get a noble dark chestnut color, the paint, prepared from equal parts of henna and basma, should be kept for 50-70 minutes.
Mix both ingredients in non-metallic dishes, carefully mash, and dissolve with hot (90 ° C) water to the consistency of thick sour cream. Before the dyeing process, wash and dry the hair. To paint on your hair, prepare a brush. Instead, you can take a shaving brush, or a toothbrush, or a cotton swab, wound it on a stick.

Do the spacers and distribute the paint over them, combing the hair comb with rare teeth. Dissolve the remaining gruel with warm water and soak the ends of the hair and strands on the neck.
Painted hair must be covered with parchment paper moistened in hot water, or wrap the head along the hair growth line with a tow of cotton wool and put on a warm hat.
You can dye hair with henna and basma, without mixing them, and each one in turn. First, apply a henna gruel to your hair and, after holding for 1 hour, wash it off. Then treat the hair with basma. After 15-20 minutes, the hair will acquire a golden-chestnut color, after 40-50 minutes they will become dark chestnut, and after 1-1,5 hours - black.

If you decide to experience the effect of these plant paints, listen to the following recommendations.
  • When using henna, be careful: it leaves spots on the skin that are difficult to wash off. 
  • Within 3 days after staining with henna and basma, do not wash hair with shampoo.

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