Methods and means of caring for problem hair

Tips for the care of dry and brittle hair

Perhaps you had wonderful hair that you were proud of. But recently something was wrong with them. The brilliance was gone, they became dry, their dullness and homeliness make me sad. Probably, it's not quite the right care, or you abused the drying with a hairdryer. Hair could damage the permanent, in which their structure is weakened so that the chemicals penetrate deeper.

If you spent a long time in the sun with your head uncovered, maybe working on your successful site without a headdress, this also affected the health of your hair. Dryness and, consequently, brittleness for the above reasons can be avoided if you listen to the following tips.
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water. - Do not apply for washing your hair laundry soap, as well as tar: they will aggravate the condition, even more drying your hair, and lead to their splitting and brittleness.
  • Do not go without a hat in the heat.
  • Bathe in the pool with chlorinated water, put on a rubber cap. In the sauna, cover your hair with a towel.
  • Do not abuse the varnish, fixing your hair. It destroys the structure of the hair in a destructive manner.
  • To remove dry hair, rub goose fat into the head.
  •  Use gels and tonics for hair styling with a protective effect. They protect hair from temperature drops and sunlight.
In addition to the above reasons for dry hair, there are others that cause this disorder: metabolic disorders, the work of endocrine glands, vitamin deficiency, chronic diseases. In such cases, you need to deal with the treatment of your illnesses and follow the recommendations already mentioned: stop making chemical perm, give rest to hair from frequent repainting, resort to therapeutic compositions while washing hair. It is also necessary to introduce vitamins into the diet, stop smoking, and give up alcohol. Approach the removal of dry hair with all seriousness and try to return them as quickly as possible to a normal state. What can be done for this?
  • Use only vegetable paints - henna, basma, broths of chamomile and other plants. - Perform the following procedures: rubbing with a towel, combing hair with a brush, massage, compresses.
  • Apply to the hair special masks, lotions, creams, apply medicinal herbs, fruits, food.
  • Rinse hair after washing with whey from under sour milk or kvass.
All modern devices for creating beautiful hairstyles - hair dryer, tongs, ironing - make hair brittle. Under the influence of high temperatures, their tips are split. And of course, the hair itself will not be restored, without treatment their condition will be aggravated. Undoubtedly, first of all it is necessary to refuse the influence of hot air: from curling with forceps, drying with a hair dryer. Or at least use it in cold mode.

In addition, it is necessary to sharpen the split ends with scissors (blunt ones can strengthen the splitting).

Address to the competent expert in a hairdressing salon. You need to cut your hair and increase the thickness of hair with special shampoos and conditioners, which are designed to increase the volume of the hairdress due to the wax contained in them. (Wax, settling on the hair, increases the thickness and strength of the rod.)

Buy an aerosol thermal conditioner and use it, spraying still damp hair. Its use will allow to dry and curl hair without fear of damaging them.

Masks for dry hair 

Masks are necessary for restoring the structure of the hair. They nourish dry, lifeless hair. Apply the mask 1-2 times a week. They are applied in a warm form, after which the head is wrapped. After a certain time, the hair is washed well.

To prepare masks do not require complex ingredients, use what is always at hand, there is every hostess in the kitchen. The simplest procedure is to rub any vegetable oil (olive, almond, castor), heated on a water bath, an hour before washing hair. After that, tie a polyethylene headscarf and wrap your head with a towel.

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