Means for strengthening and growth of hair

To maintain the health of hair using strengthening means - special, which are developed in laboratories, and folk, known since ancient times.

Serum for strengthening hair Pantin pro-V strengthens hair from the inside, heals dry and brittle hair. It is produced in flasks with an atomizer, which helps to distribute serum evenly on the hair. Serum is not washed off, leaving it on the hair until the next wash of the head.

In order to preserve healthy hair, strengthen them:
  • decoction of ivy. Prepare from one spoon of crushed leaves, boiling for 10 minutes in 2 glasses of water on low heat. Rub daily;
  • a mixture of onions with honey. Rub 1 onion on a grater. Mix 1 part of the gruel with 4 parts of honey, rub and leave for 30-40 minutes, then rinse the hair without detergent;
  • tincture of onion in rum. One half-glass of rum is taken for 1 shredded bulb. After a day, tincture is used, carrying out a strengthening procedure - rubbing into the scalp - 2 times a week;
  • ointment, prepared from the roots of burdock. One part of the milled roots of burdock is taken by 10 parts of boiling water, in which the mug is cooked and evaporated on low heat until a half volume is obtained. Do not remove from heat, add interior fat. Put the mixture in a dish with a dense lid, cover it with dough, put it in an oven or oven. Mix the mixture regularly in the scalp;
  • burdock oil. 1 part of the fresh crushed burdock roots, insist in 3 parts of sunflower oil for a day, after which boil for 10-15 minutes, stirring constantly. Let stand and strain;
  • infusion of nettle. 1 tbsp. l. powdered nettle leaves fill with a glass of boiling water and let it brew for an hour in a dark place. Strain and immediately rub into the scalp without wiping hair;
  • decoction of cones of hops.

To enhance the growth of hair in the scalp, rub:
  • an infusion of a mixture from the bark of oak and husks of onions. Equal parts pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 1 hour. Rub the mixture daily. This will help slow down hair loss;
  • decoction of birch leaves. 2 tbsp. l. Leave the leaves in 2 cups of water for 5 minutes. Insist 2 hours, strain. Rub into washed hair;
  • broths of cloudberry, blueberries, cowberries, bricks;
  • Infusion of yarrow flowers. 100 g of flowers burn in a frying pan and rastolkite in powder. Insist for 10 days;
  • juice of ivy leaves, which you get by passing through a meat grinder and wringing it. Cotton swab lubricate the scalp 1 time per day, preferably in the morning, for a month;
  • a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice; carrots or lemon juice. Rub the mixture into the scalp.

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