Lamination of hair: the effect of the procedure

Salon treatments that promise incredible effects and stunning hair within the first few hours after you left the room. And that's part of the truth. Some of the procedures become very popular because of their effectiveness. So, we have already talked about the effectiveness of salon treatments, so I want to talk about another popular procedure.

The procedure lamination hair is quite useful and effective. It allows you to protect your hair from constant exposure from the sun people, cold and high temperatures, wind, dust and other harmful substances that we encounter in the big city.

What is a lamination of hair?

Roughly speaking, the lamination of hair is a procedure of coating the strands with a special composition of useful elements. Thanks to the popularity of the procedures in the salons there are many branches of the common lamination – kartirovanie, glazing and others. However, all these procedures, the meaning is the same – protection of hair and make them more attractive and cool.

The effect of the lamination

As claimed by the salon master, hair lamination will allow us to:
  • make hair healthy
  • apply protective film, which "coats" the strands after lamination protects your hair from everything – paints, irons, frost. A well-groomed appearance must be provided.
  • defeat split ends and brittle hair
Keratin scales that make up our hair and firmly attached to each other by lamination. This allows you to get rid of the cross hairs and their breakage (when the hair is still "laminated").

Lamination does not remove the wave / wavy hair. It gives smoothness, and makes the curl tighter.
  1. Makes hair more manageable and voluminous
  2. Preserves the color of the paint on the hair, make the painting more resistant
  3. Strengthens the hair.
By the way, don't forget that after the lamination of hair, you should be careful. So, the master is forbidden to wash your hair within two to three days as the shampoo and water can destroy even resistant keratin in the hair and then the procedure will be simply meaningless. 

Opinion about the procedure

So to make sure the effectiveness of the lamination, the journalist Natalia Weresuch shared with us impressions about this and other procedures.

When people ask me what I tried of the treatments for hair – I find it easier to answer what I have not tried. Surely, the winner of the wavy hair I understand. And search of a miracle for the hair, which will make them smooth before the first drop of rain is a real search life.

As to the lamination of hair, it was a long time ago and probably not true. Lamination of hair was in Vogue 7-8 years ago. Manufacturers of professional cosmetics promised a miracle effect to two months. And, of course, this new product had to try.

I did the lamination of hair multiple times to a chief technologist of one of the professional brands so that the quality of execution of the procedure.

The procedure is classic. You wash your hair cleansing shampoo, then apply, wrap hair in foil and iron. Although, it should be noted that every brand has its own technology. But the meaning is the same – with high temperature of the lamination are sealed around the hair. The result is to form a film, it is breathable, makes hairs thicker, protects it from UV light, hot temperatures and so distances.

The result: the first few days, the hair looks great. Note that the lamination does not remove the wave / wavy hair. It gives smoothness, and makes the curl tighter.

On my hair laminating lasted only 10 days, after which the hair became dry and had to be treated (and I tried a few brands). After the second procedure (I would have to check the words of technologists about the effect of the accumulation), the situation has not changed.

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