Instagram-trend that permits you to wear natural roots

Trends in hair coloring has become more accessible and less cruel to our hair. New, old trend on not, the roots of the hair is one of those.

A few years ago, the blond could see a couple millimeters of black roots, it was possible to give anathema. However, it is terrible times have passed. And if we in fashion trends, you can find pastel hair coloring, excess highlighter and wavy eyebrows, the roots of the hair look, as adequate.

The trend is not regrown roots appeared long ago. For the first time, he was brought into fashion by the girls of zero years. Then the blonde not only could wear the regrown dark roots, but also to be the first beauty school. 

Now hair stylists offer not only not to suffer about the regrown roots, when your hair coloration have already seen the types, but also to diversify the roots in other shades. For example, to paint the roots are in brighter shades, platinum, and any others you will let by your imagination.

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