How to wash head to make hair beautiful

Hair should be washed as pollution. Someone does it every day, some every other day. And someone once a week. In any case, in the process of shampooing, my hair in one way or another suffer from the effects of detergent components. How to wash head for beauty hair — read our material.

What is the use of aromamassage

Wash hair can slowly but surely damage your hair. This process occurs due to the content of surface-active substances in any shampoo. In fact, in the fight for safe wash with one hand face the problem that the soft cleaning agents often do not wash out the dirt from the hair and especially the roots of the head, in consequence of which the hair starts to grow bad. On the other hand, strong surfactants dry and lead to dryness. So what to do? The answer is simple — a reasonable approach to the process of cleaning.


Safe wash process is a ritual. So, before you go to the bathroom to do hair, you need to prepare. This is best done with the help of various oils. Find the oil that is most like your hair and apply it before every wash. Seems unreal? In fact, the whole question of the organization of his time. It is enough to apply the oil for 5-7 minutes to cover the hair with plastic film and protected them during shampooing. Especially important this part of the ritual for those with dry, damaged, wavy and curly hair.

After 7 minutes, wet your hair with water, then apply a little shampoo well and massage the scalp and hair. Try not to use a lot of detergent: it should be just enough to wash away dirt and excess oil.

If you're in a hurry, and did not have time to apply oil to the hair, not understanding that the entire length of hair — to work only with the skin of the head, and soapy water will easily wash your hair.

Further, it is very important to remove the shampoo. It would seem a very simple process, but do not all. So, many wash off the shampoo only a minute or two, and the tool simply does not have time to completely "leave" hair. The result can be breakage and dry scalp. Remember, in order to efficiently wash off the shampoo from the hair, you need no less than five minutes.

Also remember to massage the scalp: this should be done at the stage when you just wet your hair when applied and wash off the shampoo.

Before applying the shampoo is also very important to wet the hair: do not just moisturize, but to make them really wet. This will help the shampoo distribute evenly through the hair, washing every inch.

A rule that means the hair you need to rinse extends not only to shampoo, but, and masks balms. If particles of these funds will remain in the hair, there is a great risk that the hair will get overloaded and begin to break down in length. Approximate time of washing off the balm 3-4 minutes. That's how much time you will wash off skincare salons.

If your hair is very dry and you don't have enough power, apply on damp hair a bit of coconut oil or a special permanent funds. It helps to at least visually improve their condition.

To shampoo "gently treated" with the hair, put in his bowl (the one in the hand) a drop of vitamin E and a drop of rosemary essential oil.

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