How to take a bath to get the maximum benefit

Bathroom — a mythical place where, according to stereotypes, disappears for a few hours every girl. Like it or not, but each of us loves to take a bath. But whether we do it?

We all know about the beneficial properties of body scrubs, not just taking pictures for Instagram, how we take a bath together with rose petals and surrounded by scented candles and many other nice things for the soul.

Let's see, what to do in the bath and as it correctly to accept, to extract from this process the maximum benefit.

Do massage

Body massage using a dry brush will help not only to "scrape" the remains of the dirt from the skin, but to conduct a full body exfoliation. This massage dry brush exfoliate dead skin cells, align the tone and improve blood circulation. In addition, work as a home lymphatic drainage massage. One big benefit from small actions.

Oil texture

The skin can absorb almost anything we apply on it. And very often we use not the most useful components. Let us remember the trend for organic cosmetics and get the maximum out of it.

Best for body care work oily texture. They give not only a pleasant smell, but retain moisture, makes skin soft and healthy, and of course, clean it.

Change the curtains in the bathroom

Yes, it sounds weird, but it's really important. If you have in the bathroom hanging an old curtain, it is immediately thrown out. And replace, or even get rid of this attribute is the bathroom.

The fact that the curtains for the bathroom made from such substances as polyvinyl chloride — toxic plastic. And if the water from the plastic can't drink, and bathe with him even more. While heating in a warm bathroom, this component emits toxic substances into the air that enter our lungs and are deposited on steamed skin. And it's not very good.

Take proper bath

Use bubble bath — it is certainly good, but not enough. Use essential oils and sea salt, put them in water. This bath has a beneficial effect on blood vessels.

You can also add in the water Apple cider vinegar. It will help to achieve a light lifting effect for 12 hours. And if you do a vinegar bath twice a week, you can effortlessly protect the skin from premature aging.

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