How to prevent chronic hair loss?

Thick shiny hair is the best ornament of man. "Braid – girlish beauty", – says the proverb. Their status depends on our self-confidence and attractiveness in the eyes of others. How to fight hair loss? Is it possible to stop this process? Yes, if you apply a scientific approach!

In order to deal with the hair loss, you need to understand its causes. It is established that hair loss can be caused by various factors (the so-called reactionary hair loss) or due to a hereditary predisposition (chronic loss). What does it do to know? To choose the right way of treatment!

Reactionary loss begins only after 2-3 months (not immediately, as you would think!) after the negative impact on the body. It can cause stress, lack of vitamins and minerals, illness, medications, pregnancy. In this deteriorating nutrition hair, disrupted blood flow in the vessels of the scalp, the hair becomes weak and lifeless and fall out. In this situation will help funds restore blood circulation and provide additional nutrients. They are designed to "feed" the onion and give her the ability to grow new hair.

Chronic hair loss due to heredity. It lasts a few years, and with each passing day the hair falls out more and more. Men and women chronic hair loss is caused by various biological mechanisms. The reason – the excess of the active form of the hormone testosterone and increased sensitivity to it, hair follicles (that's why used to go bald, masculine men!). So, if you want favorite do not lose hair you need a tool that will be able to neutralize the hormone in the scalp.

And the cause of chronic deposition on the female type – a lack of specific substances – neuropeptides. Now it is absolutely clear that approaches to the treatment of male and female pattern baldness should be different! In addition, in the case of chronic loss treatment courses should be repeated at least once a year.

To help hair, pay attention to the pharmacy means: they are most effective and safe.Lotions for the scalp in combination with the intake of vitamin complexes. Specialists dermatological laboratories Ducray (France) has developed a range of products for the integrated treatment of hair loss. Each product takes into account the particularities of gender and the type of hair loss. 

In the line of products from hair loss from Ducray is a product for the treatment of each of the types of baldness: lotions ANYTIM (if the reaction appear), PEPTID (chronic hair loss in women) and CHRONOSTOP (chronic hair loss in men). While using lotion apply special ANATAS shampoo that gently cleanses the scalp and prepares it to action of therapeutic agents, provides better penetration of active ingredients, and most importantly – does not contain silicones, which prevent the transport of nutrients to the hair follicles. Moreover, for a comprehensive approach to the problem, experts Ducray dermatological laboratories have developed a unique vitamin capsules for hair and nails – ENCAPS, which contain only those components essential to their nutrition and recovery from the inside.

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