How to paint strands in a bright color at home

Extreme hair color is a real trend for this year. Many Western celebrities such as Katy Perry and Rihanna had already come under the influence of fashion on bright hair and painted their locks in all sorts of crazy colors: pink, red, blue, light blue, purple. It is now in the top - separate the pink strands, which can boast many Actresses. 

To achieve "star" effect and give the hair an exotic color, not only in the salon but at home. Just before you start painting yourself, first read some tips and rules that you will need for a good result.

Chosing the brand

Use a balm with a temporary effect, which will give your hair vivid color and will not harm their health. The best option would be Manic Panic or Jerome Russell Punky Colour - that these stamps refer most of the star stylists.


Having defined the dyes, take the time to try it allergic reaction. Apply a bit of paint on your wrist and leave it on for five minutes. If the skin has redness or irritation, you can begin to use paint.


Procedure is required only if you want the color was stable and remained saturated for a longer period of time; if your natural color is red or black. The more bleached the hair, the brighter the color it is. Lighten strands (enough to shade light blond) according to the instructions, in the future you will be able to completely secure every time to refresh your hue.

Wash hair

Before staining carefully wash tresses with shampoo, towel dry, leaving them wet. In any case, do not use any balms or conditioners, because the color will not be intense and persistent.


For long hair use entire jar for short will be enough half of the funds. After the application of paint wear on the head of a plastic cap that will make coloring more efficient and leave it for at least an hour. Rinse the paint, not using balms/conditioners, otherwise the shade is not too bright, and the cream-paint have healing properties and there is no need for additional therapy for the hair.

The color remains fresh and intense for 3-4 weeks. For temporary of the paint you just put on hair spray and leave for 1.5 hours, without clarification of the strands.

To achieve the same effect without coloring the hair, perhaps using artificial strands of various bright colors.

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