How to make your hair smooth: 4 lifehacks

Well-groomed shiny and smooth hair is the ornament of every woman, which is most often given to us by nature. However, blow-drying, permanent styling, coloring and other experiments hair make the structure porous. To remedy the situation and bring back the smoothness of hair, follow simple tips. 


The first and main helper on the way to smooth hair is skin care. Now on the market there are many products for smooth hair. So, due to the silicones and proteins, it smoothes the scales, making the hair more dense, heavy and smooth. 

As practice shows, it is best for giving smoothness are professional tools. So, they are able to give immediate, good result.

It is essential to have on the shelf are not only tools for the smoothness to hair not used to them. So, buy yourself two sets to care: for smoothness and power (for example), and use alternately. If all the time to "feed" hair the same means, they will stop working.


An important factor in the question of smoothness is comb. So, depending on the shape of the teeth, it will either ironed hair, positively affecting the hair scales, or Vice versa, will be to raise them, thereby creating an untidy appearance. Use for hair care only high-quality combs made of good materials which have the correct form. One of the variants of combs, which increases the smoothness of hair is the Tangle Teezer. 


Oil is a great way to restore your hair and make them smooth. Turn to your care 1 mask per week with the use of coconut oil (or Shea butter): melt the butter in a water bath, apply on hair and wash with mild shampoo after 2 hours. 

This simple procedure will help to remove dryness, to give smoothness and improve the appearance of hair. A huge plus is that coconut oil does not simply mask the problems and treats them. And with continued use makes the hair, like the cover of the magazine. The only time, remember, the oils tend to wash the paint, so be ready for more frequent hair tinting. 

Keratin hair straightening

The most radical way to achieve smoothness of hair is keratin straightening. After this procedure, hair will be perfectly flat and smooth for 3-5 months (depending on the composition and structure of the hair). The point is simple — the hair is a special formula that penetrates the hair, filling all voids and smoothing scales. Hair immediately become straight, smooth and healthy looking. To maintain the effect, the procedure must be done every six months. 

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