How to lighten or bleach hair at home

Lightening and bleaching hair 

Lightening is a procedure that results in the hair color becoming a tone or a few tones lighter. When lightening, the paint from previously colored hair is removed and they get a new tone. Full lightening of hair is termed "blonding".

For bleaching, you can take ordinary hydrogen peroxide in tablets, which is freely sold at the pharmacy. But what do you need to know about this chemical substance in order to minimize the lightening procedure?

Hydrogen peroxide is a liquid that acts as a strong oxidant and dilutes the natural or artificial hair pigment. To lighten the hair, use a 3% solution, which is obtained by dissolving 6 tablets in 54 ml of warm water (13 tablets dissolved in 48 ml of warm water).

When clarified, the pigment of the hair reacts with oxygen, which is present in hydrogen peroxide. As a result of this reaction, the pigment becomes discolored, in places it is washed out of the hair, in the core of which there are voids; the outer layer is also destroyed. Therefore, hair, subjected to a chemical wave, can not be discolored immediately after the procedure. We must wait until they restore their structure. And the process of clarification should be reduced by 5-10 minutes. In general, the time of aging of the clarifying solution on the hair depends on the structure and condition of the hair.
  1. Before lightening, the neck near the border of the hair should be lubricated with cream on vaseline basis to protect the skin. Then the technology is as follows.
  2. The hairline should be divided into zones, having parted in the form of an arc from the ear through the vertex. Separate the lower occipital zone from the upper. The horizontal lines demarcate the temporal areas and the crown. 
  3. The dye composition should be applied, starting from the neck and moving upwards. In this case, it is necessary to separate the strands with horizontal wires from ear to ear.
  4. The composition should be applied to the strand with a flat brush or brush, deviating from the roots of the hair by 2-3 cm.
  5. The strand behind the strand should be treated all the lower zone, the upper occipital, temporal areas, and then go to the crown. Hair should be combed periodically. Damage to hair can be noticeable almost immediately. They can stay on the comb if a skin burn occurs during coloring.
The time during which the clarification process takes place can take from 3 to 20 minutes. At the end of their hair should be washed with warm water and rinsed with water, acidified with lemon juice or vinegar, and then dried. You can prepare the following composition for lightening the hair.

It will take: 50 ml of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, 40 ml distilled water, 5 drops of ammonia, 10 ml of shampoo.

Mix and apply to the hair. (A special plastic bowl is used when preparing the color mixture.)

Bleaching of hair can be the end result of changing their color or be a preparatory stage when repainting into a radically different color. Deciding on the discoloration, we must remember that this procedure harms the health of the hair. They become thin, brittle, porous and friable.

Thin soft hair is much easier to bleach. Therefore, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution for fine hair should not exceed 3.5%. For thick hair, a 6% solution is suitable.

Desaturation best suits hair, bright from nature. The hair of black color and reddish-brown tones decolourise badly.

Black hair under the influence of oxygen acquire a chestnut color, with subsequent stains they become red, and they can be clarified, but the reddish does not disappear.

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