How to dye hair at home

Recently, in order to save more and more girls prefer home colouring. How to dye your hair at home — read our material.

Staining is the most common procedure for changing the image. Picture this: it's grey and depressing, life is all about as well, looking for change and bright colors. What makes a woman first and foremost? That's right — goes to the store for paint. However, home experiments with her hair often ends badly. This was not always remember the basic rules of hair coloring at home.

Test the paint on allergies

This item is actually neglect all the girls. Although actually, ignoring it can lead to sad results: allergies, rashes or edema of Quincke. So don't be lazy, and apply a bit of paint on the wrist, or the area under the elbow.

Choose a color to match yours or darker

To the colour result you pleased, choose a new color in your tone or darker. The lighter shades can be selected only when the condition undyed hair, and the gradation should be no more than two or three shades lighter for brunettes and 3-4 for blondes. Hair dyed paint does not become lighter.

One color doesnt brighten another

This is the main rule that you need to remember when painting at home. So, if you want to be much lighter than your current colour, initially, the hair must be lighten to a certain level, and then tinted in the desired color.Of course, this procedure alone is better not to do so as the result will not be perfect.

The correct scheme of the dying

The hair was dyed evenly, start to apply the paint with the back of his head. Then paint the back of the head, and only then go to the front. The thing is that the hair on the back of his head painted the worst, so they need more time.

Also remember, first you need to paint the roots, wait 20 min, and then dye the length. Especially if it was previously painted. Thus will you preserve the condition of the hair, and they will not become dry.

Mask after coloring

The hair was beautiful and silky after the staining procedure apply to the length of the hair mask for colored hair, wrap hair with cling film and soak it for 30 minutes. Then wash away with warm water. This will help to give the hair silkiness and Shine. After all, no matter how modern and soft wasn't the dye, it still slightly dries the hair.

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