How to do the salon styling at home

Even a simple blow dry at the salon gives normal Shine and luxurious feel. The house to give the hair such a nice shape practically does not work. In fact – nothing complicated! We will show you a few secrets to help your styling technique to match the cabin.

Seems to dry herself hair in one hand and a Hairdryer in the other brushing a lot of work, but believe me, this can also be used.

There are a few tricks that will allow you to achieve a luxurious result, even during self-installation.

For example, many people "mistakenly" hold a Hairdryer in his right hand and a brush in the left." Try to change hands and even if at first it will be unusual, you will notice that the result will be much better.


Before drying the hair, carefully and thoroughly Pat dry with a towel, trying to maximally remove excess moisture. This hair is healthier as you start drying the hair, which is dripping water – is harmful, and over time faster.

Also don't forget to apply on the hair means to protect them from exposure to high temperatures.

Is not a secret that brushing wet hair is extremely traumatic. However, if you have long, curly, or thin hair, while drying they can be very confused and tied in knots. Therefore, professionals recommend after application of the protective composition to comb through still damp hair with a wooden comb.


For convenience (peeped in salons) divide the hair into 4 parts, this will facilitate the drying process. 3 piece kill, and to 4, go for it. Armed with a Hairdryer, a round brush and go. The result was the most natural, having dried the first part, connect it with the following, and do not dry each part separately.
Never use a Hairdryer without a nozzle, it helps in protecting the hair from overheating, and improves drying efficiency.
Another common mistake is to hold the Hairdryer very close to the strands. Hold a distance of 15 cm. Alternate hot air with cold.

The best assistant in the drying – brushing or brush. Just make sure that the selected tool can be used at high temperatures.

TIP! To the volume of hair strands pull on the round brush or the brush toward the ceiling, and not just work.


Make sure you dried out the hair to the end, otherwise otherwise laying out of shape almost instantly. Hot hair can often be mistaken for dried to reveal nedosushennye strands, go jet cool hair: wet the strands will become cold.

TIP! At the end you can use a tool to give hair gloss and Shine. The finish products will help to create the impression that you just came from the salon.

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