How to determine your type of hair

Having some common ideas, learn your own hair. Swipe on them. Are they smooth and you feel like touching silk? You have normal hair. Oily hair is characterized by unhealthy shine, a tendency to rapid contamination and to the formation of dandruff. If the hair is rough, brittle, thin, does not shine, their ends often split, then your hair is of a dry type.

Fat and dry hair delivers a lot of problems to their mistress, but competent care, oriented specifically to each type individually, is able to correct their condition and maintain it at the proper level.

Do you have long hair greasy at the roots, but with dry tips? If so, then you are the owner of mixed hair. They do not have fat grease along the entire length, and as a result their ends are split. Mixed hair needs a combined care with the help of special tools. In addition, it is recommended to cut off regularly dry, split ends.

Normal hair also requires care. They need to be fed from time to time. For example, apply masks of juices and fruit pulp and berries to hair. For example, it is possible to prepare effective apricot-based formulations.
  • Take 1 kg of apricots, peeled and peeled. Add 3-4 tablespoons of glycerin. Apply apricot paste to hair for 15 minutes before washing your head. The procedure should be repeated 3 times a week.
  • The flesh of apricots can be mixed with cottage cheese or sour cream in a proportion of 2: 1. The product is also applied to the hair for 15 minutes before washing the head.

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